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Library  Land Portal - Informe Anual 2023 

 Land Portal - Informe Anual 2023 

Relatório anual do Land Portal 2023

Rapport annuel 2023 du Land Portal (anglais)

Land Portal Annual Report 2023

Land Portal Annual Report 2023
From insights to action: transforming land governance through access to information

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February 2024
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The Land Portal Foundation's 2023 Annual Report presents a comprehensive overview of our efforts and accomplishments in transforming land data governance worldwide. 

Our report highlights three fundamental pillars that have guided our work: Inform, Open, and Debate. Through these pillars, we've expanded our global database of land and property rights programs, enhanced land governance data management, supported data literacy and advocacy, and facilitated critical debates on land governance issues.

Key achievements include the revitalization of the Land Governance Program Map & Database, making it the largest global resource of its kind, the publication of 80 country portfolios offering in-depth insights into land governance, and the engagement of nearly 8,000 stakeholders in discussions on topics ranging from indigenous land rights to the impact of climate change on land governance.

The report also outlines our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, with efforts to create an inclusive workplace and strengthen institutional policies. We celebrate the addition of new board members, express our gratitude to departing directors, and acknowledge the invaluable support of our community, partners, and donors.

As we reflect on the past year's successes and set our sights on future challenges, the Land Portal Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to democratize access to land data and foster well-informed debate, driving positive change in land governance for vulnerable populations worldwide.

Explore the full report to learn more about our initiatives, impact, and the enduring positive contributions we are making toward equitable and informed land governance.

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