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"Their feeling for land is something more than possessiveness. It is the setting of adventure, in love, in hunting, and in the war which can never be forgotten. The land is the foundation of a sense of security and freedom from fear."

Origin of a village

Story of Rangkhung Village

"Dense in population, the slums and informal settlements emerged as a major challenge for the spread of COVID19. The well-designed public spaces developed under Odisha Liveable Habitat Project in informal settlements have given possible solutions by promoting public safety, and improving aesthetics of the slums."

Slum Upgradation in Dhenkanal


"I am 50 years old now, don’t know how long I live afterward, but I will fight against the Forest and Police Department till my last breath to ensure economic and societal security of my upcoming generations."

Shantben Makwana

The battle to get my own forest land has been going on since 2007….

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