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what to read  
What to Read is the new name of an existing series formerly called "Country Insights Digest". What to Read is a periodic blog in which Land Portal researchers share their reading list and tell you why the selected pieces stand out in a sea of information. It is a reflection on some of the most important new articles and reports that aims to identify the most current points of discussion around land, distill key messages and points of debate, and offer you an entry point to learn more. We changed the name because our reading lists go beyond country borders.


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04 April 2024
Anne Hennings
  This blog post is part of the series What to Read.  In times of growing land degradation, competition over fertile land, the volatility of agricultural markets and decreased interest in farming jobs, we often ask ourselves: how will the next gene
08 March 2024
Photo by Albert Gonzalez Farran / UNAMID, women working in the farm, license (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED) This digest has been updated on 11 March 2024. Our partners alerted us that one of the figures we used is highly contested. The full clarification is
12 December 2023
Nieves, Charl-Thom Bayer, Romy Sato
This blog post is part of the series What to Read. At the Land Portal Foundation we believe open access to information is crucial to achieve good land governance and to secure land rights for all, especially vulnerable groups. However not everyone i
03 August 2023
Anne Hennings
This blog post is part of the series What to Read. This issue has been developed in the frame of a project in collaboration with ANGOC, ALRD and funded by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR). Climate change adaptation has become a hot t
20 April 2023
Rick de Satge
This blog post is part of the series What to Read.  As humanity grapples with understanding the causes and consequences of the mounting climate crisis, there can be a tendency to oversimplify issues in a bid to identify solutions. Such oversimplific
21 February 2023
Anne Hennings
This blog post is part of the series What to Read.  After the “land rush” in 2007/08, researchers and civil society investigated the speed and scale of this phenomenon or highlighted single case studies. 15 years on, communities who lost their homes
20 October 2022
Dr. Rick de Satge
This blog post is part of the series What to Read.  Lire la version française  //  Ler la versión en español  //  Ler a versão em português As a researcher compiling African country portfolios for the Land Portal, I have been struck by the widening
12 September 2022
Daniel Hayward
    This blog post is part of the series What to Read.   Living in Thailand, and closely linked to efforts supporting individuals and groups in Myanmar handling the aftermath of the 2021 military coup, I hear frequent comments as to why the inter
19 April 2022
Anne Hennings
    This is our former Country Insights digest, now re-branded What to Read to make justice to its content.   In the wake of increasing media attention to climate change impacts and rising sea levels, African metropoles, such as Lagos, have slowl
23 March 2022
Anne Hennings
  This digest has been re-branded to What to Read in April 2022. As every year, the month of March has been packed with content and events around the globe related to women's land rights. The Land Portal Foundation, which has been working on the la
14 February 2022
Daniel Hayward
The subject of this digest* has been bubbling for a while. I was first made aware of the topic of microfinance in relation to land loss nearly two years ago through a student presentation at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Since that time, seve
14 October 2021
Anne Hennings
Over the last month the news all over the world broke with stories about the departure of US forces from Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban. Many wonder what the future will bring to those who remained and to those who fled the country. This