Linking Open Data and Land Rights

Land Portal Foundation works to create a better information ecosystem for land governance through a platform based on cutting-edge linked and open data technologies. We help partners to create, curate and disseminate land governance data and information to become part of a more inclusive information landscape. Current information sources are often fragmented, represent a restricted set of perspectives, and are not structured, curated and licensed in ways that support maximum discovery, engagement and reuse. By empowering institutions and organizations and building their capacity to develop and manage effective and open information and knowledge systems, the Land Portal is giving policy makers and decision makers, intermediaries and grassroots groups the tools to access reliable evidence, information and data, which results in better decision making, more effective programs and policies and successful campaigns.

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Our Challenge: Information for Land Governance

Land governance is central to sustainable development. But without better data and information, many opportunities to improve land governance are being lost. 

Goal 1.4 of the Sustainable Development Goals commits the world to:

By 2030, ensure that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable, have equal rights to economic resources, as well as access to basic services, ownership and control over land and other forms of property, inheritance, natural resources, appropriate new technology and financial services, including microfinance.

With climate change increasing pressures on land, and the legacy of large-scale land deals in recent years, meeting this goal requires actions from many different stakeholders. These actions need to be supported by clear, accessible and inclusive data and information. 

Our vision

We are working for a world of improved land governance that benefits those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness.

Our mission

We are creating the leading online resource for information, data and knowledge-exchange on land governance issues. By working with partners we are building a better information ecosystem that will support all stakeholders to engage in more informed and inclusive land governance research, debate, advocacy and policy making.

  • Open development. We build with open source tools, open data and open content. We advocate for better policies and practices on open data, open access and open content in the land domain.
  • An unbiased, trustworthy and open minded approach. Our role is to improve access to information, not to interpret it. We don’t advocate for specific land governance policies. We work with stakeholders across the land governance world, and we promote the importance of multi-stakeholder participation in land governance.
  • An inclusive platform. We operate under a human rights framework. We recognise that many communities are under represented in the information ecosystem. We put extra effort into surfacing data, information and debate from excluded groups, local communities and marginalised information sources. We understand that when it comes to understanding a complex landscape with data and information, quality comes from diversity.
  • Partnership. We are a committed small team running Land Portal and working through thematic and regional partnerships to collect, organise and disseminate information.

The Land Portal offers three main knowledge products: Land Library, Land Debate, and Land Book.

The Land Book provides standarised indicator data, data visualsiation tools, curated country/theme narratives (i.e. summary of land govenance information), access to relevant research and publications, latest news, blogs, and events. Land-related data and information on Land Book is organized by country and theme.

The Land Book provides a one-stop shop for key statistics and resources on land governance in every country of the world. It is backed by an underlying linked open data platform, providing curated and quality assured data for third-parties to re-use.

The Land Library ​aggregates publications from more than 400 partner organisations and open access resources, providing the ability to search and browse research and reports from across the spectrum of land governance organisations.

To populate the Land Library, the Land Portal works with partners to implement open access​ and open content​ policies, and to create improved land-governance related metadata.

The News and Land Debatesections of the Land Portal surface and share diverse voices on land governance issues. Through media partnerships with land governance events, and by hosting asynchronous online discussions, the Land Portal works to make sure all voices are heard on land governance issues.

The Community pages​ provide a directory of organisations working on Land Governance, and hosted microsites​ for short-term projects offer a sustainable space for knowledge sharing.

The Land Portal provides content in a number of languages, with interfaces and newsletter content in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. On the top right corner of the Land Portal homepage, you select the language you prefer.

For any questions or comments regarding Land Portal's knowledge products, or if you would like to contribute content to Land Portal, please contact


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