land law

land legislation

Land law is the body of law dealing with land, its definition, ownership and use whether urban or rural.

11 December 2017
South Africa

Johannesburg – The Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that a black community holds a right to certain portions of the Salem Commonage in the Eastern Cape and was dispossessed of the land due to past racially discriminatory practices.

According to the judgment, penned by Justice Edwin Cameron and concurred by nine others, the community had rights – but not exclusive rights – to the commonage.

February 2017

Land in amount of 1418.49 hectares was downsized to grant it for the 82 families who had occupied and used located and to keep as public state land in Tropeang Kea village, Cheung Kor commune, Preynob district, Preah Sihanouk province.

Dubai Skyline
Saudi Arabia
Syrian Arab Republic
United Arab Emirates

Those of you who have visited Dubai in recent years may relate to what I am going to say: Dubai is in the middle of the desert, and its land, not that long ago, was really worth nothing. Now it is one of the most vibrant international cities in the world. All this happened in a relatively short time span.

5 December 2017

Date: 4 décembre 2017


Par: Frédéric Nonos

Les responsables des services déconcentrés du ministère des domaines, du cadastre et affaires foncières des régions du Littoral et Sud-Ouest outillés au cours d’un atelier organisé par l’Ecole nationale de l’administration et de la magistrature (ENAM). 

5 December 2017

Date: 04 décembre 2017


Avec la réforme de la loi sur le secteur agricole, beaucoup craignent que les petits exploitants soient expropriés de leurs terres au profit des agro-industriels. les garde-fous placés par la loi ne rassurent guère.

Land rights in Bangladesh
5 December 2017

With a population of 163 million people and an area of only 147,570 square kilometers, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Land scarcity, insecure tenure, and other factors have contributed to a high volume of land conflicts. Such problems are compounded by Bangladesh’s weak land governance systems, extensive informal settlements in urban areas and widespread landlessness in rural areas.

Reports & Research
March 2016

This report is in pursuance of the communication of the NITI Aayog, Govt. of India, vide order No. Q11022/12/2015-Agri dated September 07, 2015 to constitute an Expert Committee, for preparing a Model Agricultural Land Leasing Act, based on critical review of the existing agricultural tenancy laws of States and keeping in view the need to legalize land leasing. 

30 November 2017
Sierra Leone

Date: 16 novembre 2017

Source: UNECA

Les problèmes concernant l’accès et la propriété à la terre en Sierra Leone seront résolus par la mise en œuvre d’une politique foncière nationale, déclarent les représentants des pays lors d’une session sur les meilleures pratiques émergentes des politiques et des réformes du pays, lors de la Conférence sur la politique foncière en cours à Addis-Abeba.