The land reform in Madagascar - a model for replication?



From 09/21/2011
To 09/20/2012

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Dear Land Portal users, The report with the findings of the IFAD/ FAO evaluation mission on the land reform in Madagascar was JUST published at the Land Portal! During the Agricultural Knowledge Share Fair 2011, IFAD, the Observatoire du Foncier and ILC will have a session on experiences of the land reform in Madagascar and which key lessons can be transferred to other countries. We would like to start an online debate with the Land Portal Community.  The following key questions will also guide the session and your comments and questions will be integrated and discussed with the expert community on the spot. Fell free to comment and share your thoughts. 1.  Can the land reform in Madagascar be replicated in other countries? What would be the main elements of this experience which could be used in other contexts ? What would be the main constraints? Est-ce que la réforme foncière de Madagascar peut être répliquée dans d’autres pays ? Quelles seraient les principaux éléments de cette expérience qui pourraient être transposés dans d’autres contextes ? Quelles seraient les principales contraintes? 2.  How can decentralised land administration systems, as in the case of Madagascar, be made sustainable and pro-poor? Comment est-ce que des systèmes décentralisés d’administration foncière, comme dans le cas de Madagascar, peuvent être durables et être mis en œuvre en faveur des populations pauvres ? 3.  Is information on good (and bad) cases of land reform easily accessible and shared? How could the “Land Portal” facilitate the sharing of this information? Est-ce que l’information sur les bonnes (et mauvaises) expériences de réformes foncières est facilement accessible et partagée ? Comment est-ce que le « Portail foncier » peut faciliter le partage de cette information? Discussion threads during the actual event on the 29th of September (9:00 - 10:00, Rome time) will be twittered online, follow the Land Portal at Twitter and tweat your replies! For a brief introduction to the topic find a 4:30 min movie on the stakeholders and different persective on the land reform in madagascar online (available only in French). [video: align:center]

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