Panelists at the 2017 UN High Level Political Forum Side Event on Monitoring Tenure Security in the SDGs

By Dr. Jamal Browne

The successes of the Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII) to date are worth celebrating. Today, we recognize the efforts of partners from every corner of the world, who through their perpetual optimism, have brought us many steps closer to making data collection and reporting on tenure security globally comparable.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Chairman of the Advisory Board of CCSI, University Professor at Columbia University, and Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network


By Jamal Browne

Since the adoption of the global indicator framework by the UN Statistical Commission (UNSC) back in March 2016, significant progress has been made on a set of tenure-related indicators – familiarly referred to as the ‘land indicators’ – primarily through the efforts of the Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII).

World Bank
Legislation & Policies
June 2009

This article examines the evolution of policy recommendations concerning rural land issues since the formulation of the World Bank’s “Land Reform Policy Paper” in 1975. That paper set out three guiding principles: the desirability of owner-operated family farms; the need for markets to permit land to be transferred to more productive users; and the importance of an egalitarian asset distribution.

21 September 2017

Date : 14 septembre 2017

Source : Foncier & Développement

L’objectif de ce colloque est de remettre sur l’établi quelques objets centraux des sciences sociales du politique (participation politique, militantisme, politiques publiques) à la lumière des mondes ruraux et dans une démarche comparative, afin de progresser dans la compréhension de ces objets tout en interrogeant les spécificités de ces espaces.


Date: 7 septembre 2017

Source: AGTER

Par: Jacques Loyat

Ce livre appelle à une révolution qui est à construire, celle de la gestion d’un commun, l’écosphère.

Robert Levesque plante le décor pour une nouvelle ère, l’Ecolocène, qui sera « la prochaine ère géologique où l’humanité vivra en harmonie avec “sa maison“, “son jardin“, sa planète Terre ». (p. 9)


Nous proposons successivement :

1 – Un résumé de quelques chapitres du livre.

Handful of sea-buckthorns harvested in the mountains of Nepal. Asian Development Bank
20 September 2017

Land Portal Foundation and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) launch thematic portfolio on Land & Food Security

Approximately 40 percent of the world’s land is used for crop production and pasture, but 800 million people remain food insecure and as many as 2 billion are malnourished. In the coming years, ensuring the world’s poor and vulnerable have access to and control over land will be critical to prevent devastating food shortages and starvation.

Responsible Investments in Land Perspectives from Tanzania and Globally
Reports & Research
September 2017

Landesa (strengthening land rights for the world’s poorest people) and Land Portal co‑facilitated the online dialogue on “Responsible investments in land: perspective from Tanzania and globally” from June 5 -16, 2017.

For details on the dialogue follow this link.