The “Green charcoal chain”

German Development Cooperation has developed an approach for the sustainable production of charcoal that has proved to have a considerable impact in Northern Madagascar. Since both environmental and socioeconomic aspects are addressed in a very effective way, this approach has high potential referring to global challenges such as land degradation, rural poverty and climate change.

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March 2014

Property Rights and Resource Governance Country Profile: Madagascar

This resource is a USAID land tenure country profile that provides information on fundamental land tenure issues, including tenure types, legal frameworks, and land administration and institutions. This country profile is divided into the following sections: Summary/overview, Land, Freshwater, Trees and Forests, Minerals, and Data Sources.

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December 2010

Madagascar Law on Marriage and Matrimonial Regimes - Order No. 62-089 of 1962 on Marriage

(OJ No 250, 10/19/62, p 2366) as amended and supplemented by Law No. 64-017 of 14 November 1964 (OJ of 21/11/64, p. 2498), Law No. 90-013 of 20 July 1990 (OJ No. 2008 of 23.07.90 ES, p.1295) and by law No. 98-023 of 25 January 1999 (OJ No 2560 of 08.02.99, p.789), repealed by section 154 of Law No. 2007-022 of 20 August 2007

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December 1962