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24 April 2017 to 12 May 2017
Joana Rocha Dias
Henrique Pires dos Santos
Sao Tome and Principe
Cape Verde
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Food Security

Technical experts from G7 donors (UK, US, Germany, France), AU Land Policy Initiative and FAO have compiled a due diligence framework for land related investments based on existing standards, guidance and good practice, to support responsible investments under the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

15 August 2017


JOHANNESBURG - Habitat for Humanity’s Solid Ground Campaign in association with the Urban CSO Cluster of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) of UN-HABITAT are hosting a conference in Pretoria, from August 15 to 17.

Agric status in Zambia
Reports & Research
August 2016

Zambia’s agriculture sector provides the main support for the rural economy. This assertion is based on the fact that about forty nine percent of the Zambian population depends on agriculture, primarily through smallholder production for their livelihoods and employment (CSO, 2014). Notwithstanding this fact, in 2015 the sector contributed 8.5 percent to the GDP and approximately 9.6 percent of national export earnings (CSO, 2015; World Bank, 2016). The potential for agricultural growth in Zambia is staggering.

7 August 2017
Sierra Leone

Application Closing Date - 13 Aug 2017

Job Start Date - 01 Sep, 2017

Duration - 1st September 2017 to 17th December 2017

Location - remote, attend workshop in Berlin


3 August 2017
Peer-reviewed publication
July 2017

El  presente  documento  es  producto  de  un proceso de investigación documental y reflexión colectiva de varios años y tiene como objetivo aportar  conceptual  y  metodológicamente  al abordaje  de  los  sistemas  alimentarios  en  la región,  desde  una  mirada  más  integral  que resalte su rol determinante en el fortalecimiento de la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional y el desarrollo de los países.

Agricultural mechanization: A key input for sub-Saharan Africa smallholders cover image
Manuals & Guidelines
Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2016

This paper is specifically about agricultural mechanisation: the opportunities provided by mechanisation for intensifying production in a sustainable manner, in value addition and agri-food value chain development, as well as the inherent opportunities implied for improved local economies and livelihoods. The establishment of viable business enterprises agro-processors, transport services, and so forth as a result of increased agricultural mechanisation in rural areas, is crucial to creating employment and income opportunities and, thereby, enhancing the demand for farm produce.

Global Indicator Proposals for the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development cover image
Policy Papers & Briefs
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September 2015

This document presents a proposal of indicators that could be considered for FAO to monitor progress towards a subset of Goals for which the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define targets aimed towards various outcomes, as well as additional targets addressing related Means of Implementation. The proposals comprise both established and potential indicators in areas where FAO has unique expertise and abundant experience as the leading UN specialized body committed to food security and sustainable development.