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This dataset contains Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators as provided by IFPRI.

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The overall aim of the initiative is to improve donor coordination and to support implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries, and Forests

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This dataset contains information from agricultural censuses conducted in different countries as provided by FAO.

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This dataset contains indicators on the level of food security in several countries as provided by FAO.

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This dataset contains indicators from the FAO Gender & Land Rights Database.

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This dataset contains more than 30 indicators concerning various aspects of land use (such as Country area, Agricultural land, Arable land, Forest land, Agri

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This dataset contains the score and the ranking for the "Land Ownership" component of the Global Open Data Index (GODI) 2016/2017. 

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This dataset contains the data used to calculate the Global Hunger Index Scores for the years 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2015 by IFPRI.

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This dataset contains information provided by the Land Matrix on the size, nature, state and purpose of Large-Scale Land Aquisitions around the world.

Source: Land Matrix
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Land Conflict Watch is a research-based data journalism project that maps, collects, and analyses ongoing land conflicts in India.

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This data is characterized by a series of ten indicator questions that point to the security of land tenure for Indigenous Peoples or communities as established in national laws.

Source: LandMark
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This dataset contains the estimated area of land held or used by Indigenous Peoples and non-indigenous communities per country as a percentage of the country’s total land area.

Source: LandMark
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Also known as the Gender, Institutions and Development Database - OECD, the SIGI dataset address the de jure and de facto situations of discriminatory social institutions

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PRIndex stands for the Global Property Rights Index, an indicator of citizens' perception of the security of property rights.

Source: Land Alliance
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This dataset contains the Human Development Index (HDI) score and country rank, as provided by UNDP.

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This qualitative dataset shows how national laws measure up against the international standards on expropriation, compensation, and resettlement as established in Section 16 of the UN Voluntary Gui

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This dataset contains demographic indicators (such as female and male population, share of urban and rural population, share of urban population living in slums, total population, fertility rate...

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This dataset contains the indicators on health and nutrition (such as Malnutrition Prevalence, Prevalence of HIV, Mortality rate under 5 years, Access to Improved wat

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This dataset contains indicators on rural areas and agricultural activities (such as Employees in Agriculture, Agriculture Value Added, Agricultural Irrigated Land...), as provide

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This dataset contains a variety of socio-economic indicators (labour force participation, unemployment, GDP, GINI index...) provided by the World Bank.

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This dataset contains indicators on institutional quality as provided by the World Bank World Governance Indicators (WGI) Database.