Reports & Research
December 2013

A case study researched and published by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on gender and equity implications of land related investments on selected agricultural investments in Lao PDR, published in Rome, 2013.

4 December 2017

Mujeres víctimas de violencia sexual recuperaron y volvieron productivo un predio localizado a 20 minutos de Sincelejo que hace años fue utilizado para las actividades ilegales del jefe paramilitar “Diego Vecino”.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2001

This brief article documents author's reasons for considering the answer to be "yes." She draws first on her extensive ethnographic experience in forest communities in the US and in several forested areas of Indonesia, with examples. Her second source of conviction in this view comes from her involvement in a comparative study of criteria and indicators in Africa, Asia and South America, in which she visited many forested areas around the world.

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December 1991
Central America
South America
Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2007

The brief describes development planning consultations, locally known as musrenbang, conducted in stages through different levels of governance: village, sub-district and district. The brief then documents lessons from experience catalyzing collective action among local community goups (in particular women’s groups) to engage in this development process and to help articulate the women’s aspirations in such a way that they could be heard by district decision makers.

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December 2014
Conference Papers & Reports
December 1993
Western Africa

The report is divided in 12 sections. The first section is introductory. The second section presents research on animal health of working animals. Diversified uses of animal traction including animal-powered rice-huller, weed control are discussed in the 3rd section. The fourth section looks into harnessing and implements used in the different regions of West Africa. The management and nutrition of working animals is discussed in the fifth and sixth sections.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2015
Southern Asia
Conference Papers & Reports
March 2017
Eastern Africa
Southern Africa

In pastoral societies women face many challenges. Some describe these as a ‘double burden’ – that is, as

pastoralists and as women. However, pastoral women may obtain a significant degree of protection from

customary law even if customary institutions are male-dominated. In periods of change (economic, social,

political), this protection may be lost, and without protection from statutory laws, women are in danger of

“falling between two stools” (Adoko and Levine 2009). A study carried out in four villages in Tanzania,