land rights

land rights
11 December 2017
South Africa

Johannesburg – The Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that a black community holds a right to certain portions of the Salem Commonage in the Eastern Cape and was dispossessed of the land due to past racially discriminatory practices.

According to the judgment, penned by Justice Edwin Cameron and concurred by nine others, the community had rights – but not exclusive rights – to the commonage.

11 December 2017

Small farmers plant a more diverse variety of crops, making them more resilient to climate change

MUMBAI, Dec 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's small farmers are better equipped than large landowners to deal with climate change, but need more support to find innovative ways to minimise the impacts of higher temperatures, uneven rainfall, floods and droughts, analysts said.

About 60 percent of India's population of 1.3 billion depends on agriculture for a living. More than three quarters of farmers cultivate than 2 hectares (5 acres) of land each.

11 December 2017

This post was written by Khalid Ibrahim, executive director of the Gulf Center for Human Rights, an independent, non-profit organisation that promotes freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly in the Gulf region and its neighbouring countries.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2011

Abstract: "Political dynamics of the global land grab are exemplified in Cambodia, where at least 27 forced evictions took place in 2009, affecting 23,000 people. Evictions of the rural poor are legitimized by the assumption that non-private land is idle, marginal, or degraded and available for capitalist exploitation. This paper: (1) questions the assumption that land is idle; (2) explores whether land grabs can be regulated through a ‘code of conduct’; and (3) examines peasant resistance to land grabs.

Reports & Research
December 2013

The Myanmar government introduced two new land laws in 2012 as part of an effort to liberalize land markets. This report analyzes the implementation of these laws using theory, field research, and a comparative regional analysis. It also offers recommended interventions.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2016

An analysis paper by Dustin Hoasa on the World Bank Group's lending practices, part 2 in Inclusive Development International (IDI)'s 'Outsourcing Development' series. Published by IDI in collaboration with the Bank Information Center, 11.11.11, Urgewald and Accountability Counsel in the United States, December 2016.

7 December 2017

Los indígenas de Brasil protestan para que se respete su derecho de demarcación de tierras, violentados por el actual Gobierno de facto de Michel Temer. 

Las Comunidades indígenas en Brasil rechazan las nuevas reglas que restringen el derecho a la tierra de los indígenas. 

El pasado julio, el presidente de facto, Michel Temer, firmó un decreto de la Procuraduría General de la Unión (AGU, sigla en portugués) para obligar a fijar el Marco Temporal para la demarcación de las Tierras Indígenas (TI) en todos los organismos del Ejecutivo Federal.