This report presents results from nationally representative surveys with 1,000 residents aged 15 and older in eight countries — Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Nigeria, Peru and Tanzania — and with 3,000 residents in India. Each survey attained comprehensive coverage of both urban and rural areas of the country using multi-stage stratified cluster sampling.1 Standardized interviewer and supervisor training, as well as robust validation of data collection/data entry, help to ensure rigorous quality standards. 

The current survey addressed one important element of property rights: land tenure security. The questionnaire addressed several aspects of this topic, including:

  • Respondents’ perception of the likelihood that they will lose the right to live in their homes;
  • Reasons respondents give for feeling secure or insecure about their property tenure;
  • Respondents’ possession of property documentation, or lack thereof;
  • Perceived tenure security for land other than respondents’ homes that they use for income; and
  • Gender equity with regard to the transfer of homeownership in the cases of divorce or inheritance.

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March 2017
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