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December 2001

The natural forests used to be the only source of commercial timber in tropical timber producing countries. In the past several years however, governments have begun implementing strict conservation policies, which have curtailed the harvest levels from this fast depleting resource base. To meet their respective wood requirements and at the same time revegetate denuded areas, most tropical countries have started to embark in tree plantation programs.

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December 2000

A broad range of actions that can aid in the efforts to end hunger are described in this issue of Food, Nutrition and Agriculture. Improving the methods and tools to work drectly with food-insecure households is critical. For decades, growth monitoring has been practised by community health workers in many developing countries. Authors show how techniques for assessing children's growth status can be made more effective.

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August 2016

The seventh session of the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) of the Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission (WECAFC) was held in Panama City, Panama on 7-8 November 2015. The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) hosted the session at the venue of its sixty-eight annual conference. The SAG discussed the outcomes of the work carried out by various joint working groups in 2014–2015 and their recommendations to WECAFC 16, the fisheries resource status in the Wider Caribbean Region, and activities to be undertaken by WECAFC in 2016–2017.