Peru: Preserving tropical forests with a focus on sustainable and participatory development

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Against the backdrop of increasing deforestation in Natural Protected Areas due to illegal logging and shifting agriculture, the Peruvian association DRIS has implemented a programme in three districts of the country. The goal is to involve the families in forest protection activities while simultaneously providing them with income opportunities

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March 2011

BioTrade – development opportunities for small farmers in Peru

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Not only is biodiversity a valuable asset, but it also represents a possible source of income for rural communities. The article shows how Peru is making use of this potential in the context of the BioTrade concept to sustain both, rural livelihood and conservation of native biodiversity. It further analyses the challenges farmers face and how targeted support for supply chains can help to overcome these challenges.

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June 2013

From Risk and Conflict to Peace and Prosperity

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Amid the realities of major political turbulence, there was growing recognition in 2016 that the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities are key to ensuring peace and prosperity, economic development, sound investment, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Despite equivocation by governments, a critical mass of influential investors and companies now recognize the market rationale for respecting community land rights.

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February 2017

Land Portal e IPDRS lanzan portafolios país de Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay y Perú

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


La Fundación Land Portal y el Instituto para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamérica (IPDRS) se complacen en anunciar la publicación de portafolíos país de Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Perú que describen los sistemas de tenencia de la tierra, el contexto histórico, las tendencias en el uso de la tierra y los principales retos y problemas que enfrentan cada país.

Alertan inconstitucionalidad de DL 1333 que facilitará despojo de tierras

Saturday, February 11, 2017

El gobierno nos está aplicando medidas neoliberales que pretenden sacarnos de nuestros territorios a las comunidades campesinas y nativas, con el supuesto de grandes inversiones" manifestó Marcelino Bustamante, líder nacional de la Confederación Nacional Agraria (CNA)

Bustamante compartió cabina radial con el abogado Luis Hallazi durante el programa Kawsayninchis, en el que analizaron el reciente atropello de derechos indígenas que el gobierno nacional está haciendo con la aprobación de decretos legislativos.

Urban Land Conflicts in Latin America and the Caribbean

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23 January 2017 to 24 February 2017
Raquel Ludermir Bernardino
Maria Luisa Alvarado

In Latin American and the Caribbean region (LAC), millions of families lack access to land for shelter or live in insecure tenure under a constant threat of being evicted from their homes. Land conflicts and forced evictions are increasingly reported and a key issue in the advocacy agenda of civil society and grassroots organizations.