Rainbow over the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Rhett Butler.
10 April 2017

New research provides yet more evidence that granting indigenous and other local communities formal title to their traditional lands can be a boon to efforts to conserve forests.

Deforestation is responsible for as much as 10 percent of total global carbon emissions, which means that finding effective means of keeping forests standing is crucial to global efforts to halt climate change.

Reports & Research
March 2017

Global demand for timber, agricultural commodities, and extractives is a significant driver of deforestation worldwide. Transparent land-concessions data for these large-scale commercial activities are essential to understand drivers of forest loss, monitor environmental impacts of ongoing activities, and ensure efficient and sustainable allocation of land.

22 March 2017

El titular del Minagri alertó que esta cifra podría incrementarse en las próximas horas ante el incremento de las lluvias sobre todo en Piura y Tumbes. Agregó que su sector ha establecido tres mecanismos de apoyo para los agricultores afectados, ¿Cuáles son?


José Manuel Hernández, ministro de Agricultura y Riego (Minagri), informó que de acuerdo a datos oficiales hasta el momento 8,600 hectáreas de cultivos han sido afectadas por el desborde de los ríos y la caída de huaicos en la costa peruana como consecuencia del llamado Niño Costero.

Photo: Asian Development Bank

By Yuliya Panfil, Omidyar Network