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Land Portal's Theory of Change 2022-2025

The Land Portal's updated Theory of Change is a roadmap for what we hope to achieve in the short, medium, and long terms (outcomes and impact), and how we plan to achieve them (inputs and outputs). This roadmap is useful for understanding and assessing the impact of the Land Portal orgaization on the land sector. This TOC has been updated in 2022 and replaces the TOC found in our strategy document

The Land Portal listens: How your feedback shapes the future

19 June 2024
Anas Soukar
Laura Meggiolaro

We often ask for feedback from you. Knowing this takes time, effort, and thought, we are grateful that so many of you do it. We want you to know that we read and hear every single person’s comments. We implement a fairly dynamic feedback loop, but just in case you have wondered how Land Portal uses data and users’ feedback to make a real difference, here is a comprehensive look at our rigorous and participatory monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system. This blog is taken from our 2023 Annual M&E Report, which dives deep into how we collect and analyze data and user feedback to drive impactful initiatives for better land governance.  

Pathways to Customary Land & Forest Rights in the Mekong

01 July 2024

This webinar will present findings from research conducted by the Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG) Program and its partners on the recognition and formalization of customary tenure rights across the Mekong region. It will highlight key themes from two important regional publications: "The Recognition and Formalization of Customary Tenure in the Forest Landscapes of the Mekong Region: A Polanyian Perspective" and the "State of Land Brief: Recognition of Customary Tenure in Forest Landscapes of the Mekong Region."

Land Portal Foundation
Mekong Region Land Governance

"The need to verify information is essential" advises former board member to the Land Portal

19 June 2024
Chris Addison
Congratulations to the Land Portal on their 15th Anniversary. I am so pleased to see the platform go from strength to strength, particularly having seen it rise to the challenge of Covid and keep debate on land issues alive during that time. The incredible skill of the team has been to adjust to the needs of the user community and partners for a focus on land issues. I would like to congratulate the Land Portal director and team, not only for the content that they manage but for the process they use in delivering the services. It is one thing to publish and synthesise information but quite another to maintain an independent platform in the face of emerging new technologies and changing resources. The engine running the Land Portal requires constant development to remain secure, efficient, relevant and cost effective. I know a little of what is involved from the technical platforms I have been involved in running myself. 

World Environment Day

04 June 2024

From tree planting in the Maldives and Kenya to the unveiling of large-scale city murals in the United States and activities in zoos across Ireland, Singapore and India, millions of people are coming together to mark this year’s Day.

United Nations Environment Programme

Team reflections from the World Bank Land Conference 2024

04 June 2024

After a four-year hiatus, the World Bank Land Conference took place again in Washington, D.C. this May, convening one thousand government, civil society, and land stakeholders in person and thousands more online. The theme of the 2024 conference was "Securing Land Tenure and Access for Climate Action," an exciting and meaningful frame for discussing an issue near to our hearts – open access to land information. 

Gender and Biodiversity : How Indigenous and Local Community Women Safeguard Nature

12 June 2024

Indigenous women’s knowledge is rooted in ancestral understanding of the natural world and the accumulation of observations of local phenomena. The most significant aspect of Indigenous women holding and preserving these traditional knowledge is their holistic approach, which encompasses a wide range of domains beyond mere specialization. They possess an intricate understanding of various species, considering their nutritional value, medicinal properties, and ecological roles. This knowledge, passed down through generations, not only enriches their communities but has been crucial for western science. Indigenous women's insights have often informed Western understandings, leading to the development of medicines and a deeper understanding of climate phenomena such as droughts, floods, and biodiversity migration.

The Tenure Facility
Land Portal Foundation
Ford Foundation
Global Alliance of Territorial Communities

"Pandemic was the turning point" on stimulating healthy and fruitful debate on land issues

24 May 2024

Celebrating Fifteen Years of Open: The Land Portal’s Journey to Creating Communities of Practice

Since its beginnings, the Land Portal has been founded in a spirit of openness and, with one of its primary goals being providing wide access to land governance information.  The Land Portal, however, was created at a time where the opportunities to inform and open up the debate on land issues and thinking around the importance of open land data were much more limited.  When I first came to know of the Land Portal’s work, long before I joined the team,  social media was still very much in its infancy, the open data movement was just taking off and technology was only beginning to become personal and portable. These significant changes would eventually lead to a world in which technology touches nearly everything we do, considerably changing the nature of the Land Portal’s work.  

Looking to the next 15 years of the Land Portal, a critical global platform on land rights

22 May 2024
Dr. Ritu Verma

Dr. Ritu Verma was a Board of Director of the Land Portal Foundation for two consecutive terms

It is with great happiness that I extend my warmest congratulations to the Land Portal on its 15th Anniversary!

As the Land Portal celebrates a decade and half of ground-breaking and impactful work in the area of knowledge-sharing on land rights and struggles across the globe, it has a lot to be proud of.

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