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Land Library Metadata Model

What is metadata?

Metadata ia set of data that describes and gives information about other data. It allows users as well as computers to understand what kind of information they can expect when they dig into your publication or dataset and the context of this information.

Meaningful Bibliographic Metadata (M2B) is intended to assist content providers in selecting appropriate metadata properties for the creation, management and exchange of meaningful bibliographic information in open repositories. 

The Land Library follows the Meaningful Bibliographic Metadata with a few adjustments and additions to provide users even more information about the resources that exist in the Library. These adjustments and additions are of course not mandatory to follow, but we highly recommend it.


What is the Land Library's metadata model?

Below you can find the different metadata fields the Land Library's metada model contains (* means required):

  • Title (text - max: 255 characters)
  • Abstract / Description (Long Text)
  • Authors / Editors / Contributors (people) [could be more than one]
  • Corporate Authors / Editors / Contributors (organization) [could be more than one]
  • Publishers (organization) [could be more than one]
  • ID/ISBN/ISSN (text - max: 255 characters)
  • Pages (text - max 255 characters)
  • Duration (text - max 255 characters) (ideally, in ISO 8601 date format)
  • Type of resource (ideally, from this closed list. If there are not from that list, a mapping process will be needed) [could be more than one]
  • Publication date (year, year and month... ideally, in ISO 8601 date format)
  • Language/s of the resource (ideally the ISO 639-1 code) [could be more than one]
  • Geographical focus (areas and countries related) (ideally, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for countries and UN M49 code for areas/regions) [could be more than one]
  • Related concepts / themes  (ideally concepts and themes from the LandVoc. If there are not from that list, a mapping process will be needed) [could be strings or URIs]  [could be more than one]
  • Link to the online source (normally in the data provider partner's website)
  • Link to the online document / file to upload (a link or a file)
  • License (ideally from a closed list. If they are not from that list, a mapping process will be needed)
  • Copyright details (like the organization / person that owns the copyright or a specific copyright statement).
  • Image or thumbnail (a link or a file)



These fields applied to an actual resource (in this case: "GLTN/UN-Habitat Youth Led Action Research on Land Commencement Workshop"):


Questions, doubts, comments?

If you have any additional questions or remarks about the Land Library's metadata model, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Land Portal's Land Library team!