indigenous tenure

Specific land access and land use principles, in force in particular traditional ethnic groups.

Salme Village beside the Solu River, on the right is the newly built bridge over the river. It is located in Nuwakot District, Nepal. Asian Development Bank.

By Andy White, Coordinator of the Rights and Resources Initiative

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Chairman of the Advisory Board of CCSI, University Professor at Columbia University, and Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network

2016 tem aumento de 232% na expulsão de famílias do campo
26 May 2017

Segundo a Pastoral da Terra, mortes aconteceram durante ação de despejo em Pau D’Arco (PA) e reforçam aumento da violência no campo.

12 October 2017

Rome—Considerable gains have been made in land-tenure governance in the past five years, but more must be done to improve the lives of billions of people—that was the message at a high-level event cohosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the European Union (EU) to mark the fifth anniversary of guidelines to recognize and secure tenure rights.

4 October 2017

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Os povos originários que lutam por conservar ou recuperar as florestas onde viveram durante gerações passarão a contar com o apoio de uma organização global, por meio da criação de um fundo para que se reconheçam seu direito à terra.


11 September 2017

The Centre will soon set a cut off date for the states to grant tribals and other traditional forest dwellers legal title of the land they have traditionally used.

The sluggish pace at which land titles are being granted to tribals in some states, including the poll-bound Himachal Pradesh, has prompted the Prime Minister’s office to nudge the tribal affairs ministry to set the deadline.

4 September 2017

A small community on the island of Sumatra is at the heart of a battle for traditional territories that could finally resolve the muddled and exploitative system of laws governing land ownership in Indonesia


Journal Articles & Books
February 2016

This book made an attempt to bring together various legislative protections available to the tribals communities pertaining to the land and governance in the scheduled areas and the role of different institutions to achieve the goals enshrined in the Constitution. It examined the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution and its various provisions and special arrangements made for areas inhabited by Scheduled Tribes and the law relating to local self governance in these areas, primarily through village panchayat-an institution of local self governance.

5 August 2017

En el 2006, el 2 de agosto se celebraba en Bolivia el 'Día del Indio', pero el gobierno de Evo Morales reformuló la fecha y la denominó "Día de la Revolución Agraria Productiva Comunitaria.


El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, destacó este miércoles los logros consolidados en 11 años de gestión a propósito de la celebración del Día de la Revolución Agraria y Productiva. Indicó que en la etapa neoliberal la superficie cultivada de tierras era 2,5 millones de hectáreas, mientras que en la actualidad alcanza a 3,7 millones de hectáreas.