LMM - Percent of Indigenous and Community Lands

This dataset contains the estimated area of land held or used by Indigenous Peoples and non-indigenous communities per country as a percentage of the country’s total land area. The data are divided into three categories, each of them correspond to an indicator on the LB.

1) Formally Recognized (i.e., lands recognized by the State)
2) Not Formally Recognized (i.e., lands held or used but not recognized by the State)
3) Total (i.e., lands held or used, independent of recognition status).

The percentages are calculated by dividing the total land area of the country (calculated in GIS using the GADM Database of Global Administrative Areas) by the estimated area of the land held or used by Indigenous Peoples and communities. For more information please visit: http://www.landmarkmap.org/data/.
The dataset can be visualised on a free on-line mapping tool produced by the original data provider: http://www.landmarkmap.org/map.