Droit foncier

land rights
Policy Papers & Briefs
décembre 2016

An analysis paper by Dustin Hoasa on the World Bank Group's lending practices, part 2 in Inclusive Development International (IDI)'s 'Outsourcing Development' series. Published by IDI in collaboration with the Bank Information Center, 11.11.11, Urgewald and Accountability Counsel in the United States, December 2016.

Conference Papers & Reports
décembre 2011

Abstract: "Political dynamics of the global land grab are exemplified in Cambodia, where at least 27 forced evictions took place in 2009, affecting 23,000 people. Evictions of the rural poor are legitimized by the assumption that non-private land is idle, marginal, or degraded and available for capitalist exploitation. This paper: (1) questions the assumption that land is idle; (2) explores whether land grabs can be regulated through a ‘code of conduct’; and (3) examines peasant resistance to land grabs.

Reports & Research
décembre 2013

The Myanmar government introduced two new land laws in 2012 as part of an effort to liberalize land markets. This report analyzes the implementation of these laws using theory, field research, and a comparative regional analysis. It also offers recommended interventions.

7 décembre 2017

Los indígenas de Brasil protestan para que se respete su derecho de demarcación de tierras, violentados por el actual Gobierno de facto de Michel Temer. 

Las Comunidades indígenas en Brasil rechazan las nuevas reglas que restringen el derecho a la tierra de los indígenas. 

El pasado julio, el presidente de facto, Michel Temer, firmó un decreto de la Procuraduría General de la Unión (AGU, sigla en portugués) para obligar a fijar el Marco Temporal para la demarcación de las Tierras Indígenas (TI) en todos los organismos del Ejecutivo Federal.

Dubai Skyline
Arabie saoudite
République arabe syrienne
Émirats arabes unis

Those of you who have visited Dubai in recent years may relate to what I am going to say: Dubai is in the middle of the desert, and its land, not that long ago, was really worth nothing. Now it is one of the most vibrant international cities in the world. All this happened in a relatively short time span.


La sexta avenida, entre quinta y cuarta calles está prácticamente tomada por campesinos, hombres y mujeres que se trasladaron a vivir ahí –frente a Casa Presidencial– porque fueron expulsados violentamente de comunidades en donde vivían, y según lo dicen, están dispuestos a continuar resistiendo hasta tanto el gobierno no les dé una respuesta clara y concreta a sus peticiones que tiene relación con la restitución de las tierras que históricamente les pertenecen.

Land rights in Bangladesh
5 décembre 2017

With a population of 163 million people and an area of only 147,570 square kilometers, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Land scarcity, insecure tenure, and other factors have contributed to a high volume of land conflicts. Such problems are compounded by Bangladesh’s weak land governance systems, extensive informal settlements in urban areas and widespread landlessness in rural areas.

5 décembre 2017

The conflict in Argentina between the indigenous Mapuche community and the national government has claimed another victim: Rafael Nahuel, an indigenous 22-year-old who was killed while resisting a raid by government forces on indigenous activists in the province of Río Negro.

5 décembre 2017
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

New group could help put pressure on Brazilian government to protect rights of Indigenous Peoples