As a Land Portal contributor you will be able to share land-related information with other people of the community.

Here is a short guide to help you create content.


Contributing content

First of all make sure you're logged in to the Land Portal (upper right corner, "sign-in").

In this top user menu you should find directly link to contribute new content to the Land Portal. You should also be able to edit the content you previously submited.

To create new content on the Land Portal go to the contribute page and choose one of the type of content presented below.

Type of content

Here are the major type of content the Land Portal use to sort information and the minimum information required to contribute them

Type Specific Metadata

Date, Source

 Events Date(s), Location, Organization
 Debates Dates, Status (upcoming, open or closed), Facilitators
 Blogs Date, Author(s)
 Organizations Logo, Acronym, Website (URL)
 Library Resource See Land Library resource detail page


All resources contributed to the Land Portal also require a few more additionnal elements:

  • An illustration picture that will be show on the resource page and various lists or promotion sliders. It is recommended that you use at minimum 1200 * 800, preferably 1600 * 800 pixel image to do so. You should make sure you have the right to republish this image before submiting your content.
  • Geography
  • Land Voc
    You must at least tag your content with one or more Concepts.
    • Overarching Categories
    • Themes
    • Concepts

The actual content of your submission

Aside of the (meta)tags and the title, the most important part of your submission if the description (aka body) field.

Make sure that the main content of your page is intelligible and presented in a way most people would understand it.

A few simple rules:

  1. Write plain, full, sentences without using acronyms or too specific jargon.
  2. If necessary, make a separate summary (link above the editor "edit summary") that will be used in search and listing results.
  3. Separate your content into multiple paragraphs, use title to guide the users.
  4. Give it some space, add schema, pictures, logos and link to make it more attractive and dynamic.


Using the Land Portal Editor

When creating or editing content on the Land Portal you will be able to format it using our editor.

The basic capabilities let you

  • Create Titles, paragraphs, links;
  • Add or upload images, insert icons using our 2 basic sets (FontAwesome and GlyphIcons);
  • Add tables, bullet point lists, quotes and more... ;
  • Change text style (bold, italic, size...).

Advanced editors (Land Portal contributors) can additionnaly:

  • Create nicer layout on content type that support it, with 2, 3 or 4 responsive columns;
  • Use background colors to make an entire section of a page standout more;
  • Use specific designed-elements such as arrows, buttons, colored corners.






Land Book

Dataset and Indicators

At the core of the Land Book is data.

Those comes from collected catalogs that are organised primiraly by indicators, years and countries.

Country and Thematic Portfolios

Those page present an insider's view to the Land problematics by countries and specific themes.

The narrative is accompanied by a selection of related content pulled from accross the Land Portal