Land & Food Security

Land and Food

Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and foodpreferences for an active and healthy life.

Source: FAO

24 April 2017 to 12 May 2017
Joana Rocha Dias
Henrique Pires dos Santos


22 May 2017

In countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, tens of thousands face eviction with few tools to fight back

Residents of a village in Hanoi's outskirts took 38 officials and policemen hostage recently in protest against what they claimed was the illegal seizure of their land by a telecommunications firm owned by the military.

The stand-off riveted the nation, and also highlighted the persistence of land disputes in a region where rapid development is pitting large commercial interests against longstanding communities.

22 May 2017

Um grupo de mulheres está a combater a desnutrição em crianças, a maioria órfãs da HIV/SIDA, com papas enriquecidas, feitas com base em produtos locais, nas zonas Sul, Centro e Norte do país.


Trata-se de mulheres da Matola, Boane, Namaacha, Moamba e Marracuene, no Sul do país; Xai-Xai, Chibuto, Bilene, Chókwè, Guijá, e Manjacaze, em Gaza; Massinga, Inhassoro, Vilanculos, e Govuro, em Inhambane; Barue, Gondola, Guro, Sussundenga e Mossurize, em Manica; Muecate, Erati, Memba, Mossuril e Ribaue, em Manica.

Manuals & Guidelines
May 2017

Esta publicação busca trazer a todos os Municípios brasileiros orientações sobre como incorporar a nova agenda de desenvolvimento, a Agenda de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (Agenda 2030) no planejamento e na gestão municipal. Trata-se de uma agenda global para o desenvolvimento humano e sustentável à qual o Brasil, junto com outros 192 países, aderiu em setembro de 2015, e que deve ser implantada até 2030.

22 May 2017

How do you deal with bureaucratic inefficiencies and weak capacity, to say nothing of endemic impoverishment, corruption, criminal gangs and staggering inequities that undermine property rights worldwide? Is there a way for those in the private and nonprofit sectors to engage with government to fill some of the gaps in the provision of property rights, without making the situation worse? A way to get involved without further complicating matters?

22 May 2017

Evento será realizado no dia 29 de junho, na sede do Instituto, em Brasília, e vai discutir instrumentos de apoio às reservas particulares do patrimônio natural. Veja como participar!

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Reports & Research
March 2013

Pastoralists in Tanzania are suffering from many human rights violations, including forced evictions from their lands. This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the human rights situation of indigenous peoples in Tanzania, and documents cases of human rights violations against Maasai pastoralists during 2011. 

The information contained in this report is a result of a comprehensive survey and human rights analysis, which used both primary and secondary data collection methodologies covering a total of 10 districts and 18 villages. 

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Policy Papers & Briefs
November 2012

The study reveals a lack of accountability and governance in managing biofuel investments in the country. As a result, biofuel investments have done little to alleviate poverty, empower villagers, and protect the environment. As villages were unprepared, hastened to make decision, and were lured by words of the investors and leaders who promoted the benefits of the investment more than its threats.