Land Conflicts

Land Conflicts

A “land conflict” involves competing claims to large areas of land by groups, of a breadth and depth not easily resolved within existing law. There is often no consensus on the rules to be applied, and the parties may have quite different understandings of the nature of the conflict. As used in this paper, “conflict” implies tension and the danger of violence, but not violence unless this is specified. Longstanding potentials for conflict based in structural or other fundamental problems may be the result of “trigger” events turned violent. 

Source: USAID

24 May 2017

Date: 19 mai 2017

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Un conflit foncier oppose à Kalemie (Tanganyika), la Régie des voies aériennes (RVA) à la Direction générale des migrations (DGM). A la base de cette situation, la lettre du gouverneur de province, Richard Ngoy Kitangala, adressée le 18 juin 2016 au conservateur des titres immobiliers du Tanganyika, lui demandant de délimiter un terrain près de l’aéroport Kahinda pour que la DGM puisse y ériger un bâtiment.

Une démarche à laquelle s’oppose la RVA.

22 May 2017

In countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, tens of thousands face eviction with few tools to fight back

Residents of a village in Hanoi's outskirts took 38 officials and policemen hostage recently in protest against what they claimed was the illegal seizure of their land by a telecommunications firm owned by the military.

The stand-off riveted the nation, and also highlighted the persistence of land disputes in a region where rapid development is pitting large commercial interests against longstanding communities.

22 May 2017

Date: 18/05/2017 

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Le Centre pour l’environnement et développement (le CED) a lancé « l’Atlas des colères et résistances communautaires en Afrique. », dans le sillage d’un  l’appel mondial à l’action (Global call action) qui vise à engager et à mobiliser les communautés, les organisations, les gouvernements et les particuliers du monde entier en faveur de la promotion et de la sécurisation des droits fonciers des peuples autochtones et des communautés locales.

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May 2017

Esta publicação busca trazer a todos os Municípios brasileiros orientações sobre como incorporar a nova agenda de desenvolvimento, a Agenda de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (Agenda 2030) no planejamento e na gestão municipal. Trata-se de uma agenda global para o desenvolvimento humano e sustentável à qual o Brasil, junto com outros 192 países, aderiu em setembro de 2015, e que deve ser implantada até 2030.

21 May 2017


The Indigenous community has demanded that authorities investigate the killing.

An Indigenous community leader in Mexico has been assassinated alongside his brother, Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper, as the country’s human rights situation continues to spark national and international alarm just days after the murder of a renowned veteran journalist.

22 May 2017

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Mantém-se a discussão no Congresso Nacional sobre a aquisição de terras por estrangeiros, visando a formulação de uma nova lei que possa tratar adequadamente essa matéria.

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Policy Papers & Briefs
March 2015

In early 2015, Maasai and Datoga citizens living in the Morogoro region of Tanzania were victims of deadly, ethnic violence. According to reports from local media, the assaults were instigated by public figures interested in acquiring land, and state authorities have not intervened to protect Maasai citizens. Police protection has instead been given to others who are illegally cultivating officially registered Maasai land. 

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Policy Papers & Briefs
June 2013

Parakuiyo Pastoralists Indigenous Community Development Organization (PAICODEO), PINGOs Forum, Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA), the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) and journalists from ITV, Star TV, Channel 10 and Mwananchi newspaper have conducted a fact finding mission concerning the forced evictions of pastoralists in Kilombero and Ulanga districts in Morogoro region in Tanzania. The fact finding mission was carried out from 12.11 – 15.11 2012.