Forest Tenure

Responsible forest governance and secure forest rights are needed to reduce deforestation, combat climate change, and sustain the planet.

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26 November 2017 to 9 December 2017
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As florestas e sua gestão mudaram substancialmente nos últimos 25 anos. Embora globalmente, a extensão das florestas do mundo continue a diminuir à medida que as populações humanas e a procura de alimentos e terras continuam a crescer, a perda foi reduzida em mais de 50% (FAO, 2015).

2016 tem aumento de 232% na expulsão de famílias do campo
26 May 2017

Segundo a Pastoral da Terra, mortes aconteceram durante ação de despejo em Pau D’Arco (PA) e reforçam aumento da violência no campo.

17 November 2017

A recently tabled audit report from CAG of India on the government of Odisha reveals the performance of implementation of Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006 during the period 2011-16 in the state. The rules for carrying out the provisions of FRA were notified in 2008 and were subsequently amended in 2012.

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January 2017

The  study is focused on RS and GIS based assessment of forest encroachment in Shimoga district of Karnataka for the years 1990, 2000 and 2010 using Landsat TM/MSS/ETM+ for 1990 and 2000, mid south western part of malnad region of Karnataka state, geographically lies between 13°27' and 14°39' N latitudes and 74°38' and 76°4'E longitudes.

16 November 2017

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O Governo moçambicano encaminhou este ano para as autoridades judiciais 144 processos relacionados com exploração ilegal de madeira, contra 43 em 2016, revelou esta quarta-feira o ministro da Terra, Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Rural moçambicano, Celso Correia.

16 November 2017

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Uma experiência no estado do Acre para salvar a Amazônia, a maior floresta tropical do planeta, tem ajudado a reduzir o desmatamento e a combater o aquecimento da Terra.

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14 November 2017

NEW DELHI: Over 70 per cent of compensatory afforestation across 10 states has been done on forest land instead of non-forest land in violation of the Forest (Conservation) Act. This was done on community forest land without the consent of gram sabhas, said an analysis released on Tuesday.

The analysis was based on 2,479 compensatory afforestation plantations done in 10 states, of which three-fourths was against the law. The Forest (Conservation) Act states that compensatory afforestation must be undertaken on non-forest land in the same district as the diverted forest.

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January 2009

The Joint Forest Management circular that took the National Forest Policy (1988) as its basis for people’s involvement in the development and protection of forests, issued more than 18 years ago, has failed in its attempt to utilise forest wealth to improve local livelihoods. The structure of the JFM is skewed towards the forest department and needs to be balanced with equal opportunities and rights to the participating communities.

Author pesents the critical issues of Joint Forest Management in this article.