August 2013

Since independence, Uzbekistan has
followed a distinct economic strategy, entailing gradual
transformation of the economy, while emphasizing social
stability. The "Uzbek Model" of development has
focused on developing industrial and manufacturing capacity
in a predominantly agricultural economy, using direct and
substantial state guidance. An important objective of the
strategy has been to raise living standards and expand

April 2015

This country note for Uzbekistan is part
of a series of country briefs that summarize information
relevant to climate change and agriculture for four pilot
countries in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region, with
a particular focus on climate and crop projections,
adaptation options, policy development and institutional
involvement. The note series has been developed to provide a
baseline of knowledge on climate change and agriculture for

October 2013

Agricultural production is inextricably tied to climate, making agriculture one of the most climate-sensitive of all economic sectors. In countries such as Uzbekistan, the risks of climate change for the agricultural sector are a particularly immediate and important problem because the majority of the rural population depends either directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihoods.