South Africa

January 2016

Professor Ben Cousins from the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the Western Cape provides a critical review of the land reform programme in South Africa 1994 - 2016. This presentation made as part of a 4.5 day course on the Political economy of land, mining and rural democracy 22 - 26 Feb 2016 for activists associated with the Alliance for Rural Democracy.

January 2016

This presentation provides a historical overview of the role of the state in maintaining feudal structures and examines the roles and powers of tribal chiefs in post 1994 laws. It examines rural popular struggeles to challenge unaccountable tribal rule in the 1980s and the role of chiefs in the transition to democracy in South Africa

South Africa's living law jurisprudence - Nolundi Luwaya
January 2016

Nolundi Luwaya examines how the laws affecting rural citizens in South Africa fit together. She examines the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act and highlights key sections of the Act including the requirements for establishment of Traditional Councils, the status and role of traditional leaders. She reviews contested legislation including the Communal Land Rights Act, struck down by the Constitutional Court and the Traditional Courts Bill which threatened to turn rural citizens in the former bantustans into chiefly subjects.

Farmworker literature review
Reports & Research
July 2016

This literature review aims to situate farm labour within the particular history of the development of agriculture in the Cape while providing a critical assessment of the changing approaches to thinking about farm workers and their socio-economic needs by employers and the state. The review aims to provide a knowledge baseline from which to distil key questions to guide an applied process of research and social dialogue in the Cape Winelands District and beyond

Manuals & Guidelines
July 2017

A primer to guide rural communities in framing and devising collective action and engagement strategies to strengthen their tenure of land, fisheries and forests is released today.

south africa farmland
7 August 2017
South Africa

More than 18-million hectares have been transferred or financially compensated for, says nonprofit research body

SA is much closer to its target of transferring at least 30% of agricultural land from white to black ownership, albeit three years after the initial deadline.

south africa farms
2 August 2017
South Africa

Hoedspruit - It was a hard-fought victory for South Africa's black community seeking to reclaim land, and for the Moletele ethnic group it has become a surprising model of wider racial cooperation.

After a 10-year legal battle, the Moletele have taken back the land from which they were evicted by members of the white minority nearly a century ago.

The area, a picturesque range at the foot of mountains near Hoedspruit is dotted with trees heavy with fruit.

Dignity restored

Agrivillages and rural settlements
Reports & Research
September 2010

This illustrated report examines four types of agricultural settlement in the Wetsern Cape

  • Those  initiated by farm owners on large estates with minimal state involvement 
  • Projects initiated by farm owners to provide workers with tenure security involving sub division of their property 
  • Projects initiated by farm owners to move workers to new or existing settlements off- farm 
  • Projects initiated by government to develop new settlements respond to the needs of displaced rural people 
People's Law Journal No 1: Rural Land Justice
Reports & Research
March 2016

The first volume of the People's Law Journal was written by the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC) in the Faculty of Law at the Universityof Cape Town and edited and published by Ndifuna Ukwazi. The journal explores a wide range of relevant issues including land restitution, elite capture, traditional leadership, mining and the erosion of communal land rights in the post-apartheid era