South Africa

Conference Papers & Reports
February 2011

This chapter is an initial exploration and sharing of experiences and ideas based largely on a case study of a group of small farmers who have occupied and are producing on land that they believe they have an historical right to. The group, called Mahlahluvani – although they include people from other communities and claimant groups – are part of a land claim that has been lodged on the land they now occupy, but the claim is not yet settled.

Manuals & Guidelines
August 2016

This case study analysis forms part of the publication series “Unpacking metropolitan governance” that documents experiences and gives hands-on approaches for stakeholders in the field of sustainable development of metropolitan regions. 

Reports & Research
May 2011

This case study draws on research that examined the formal urban housing market in South Africa. The research study was carried out by Genesis Analytics on behalf of Urban LandMark. This case study draws extensively on that work, which is gratefully acknowledged. 

Reports & Research
June 2010

This case study draws on research that investigated informal urban land registration practices in South Africa. The research study was undertaken by Margot Rubin and Lauren Royston, commissioned by the Urban LandMark.

Manuals & Guidelines
Reports & Research
April 2010

This case study is based on research undertaken into the experiences of a poor community in accessing land through formal channels in peri-urban South Africa. The research was conducted by a team of researchers pulled together by the World Bank. The work was the result of a request by Mogale City Municipality for technical assistance on the design and implementation of integrated housing and agriculture projects.

January 1998

To provide for the prohibition of unlawful eviction; to provide for procedures for the eviction of unlawful occupiers; and to repeal the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act, 1951, and other obsolete laws; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.