Sierra Leone

National Policies
June 2010

The Sierra Leone Trade Policy is a sectoral national policy. Its main goal is to promote a robust and competitive private sector and support growing production and service sectors to trade, at national and international levels, and contribute ultimately to wealth and employment generation.The Policy discusses the issue of food security in the context of agriculture. It notes that the development and diversification of agriculture is critical in determining rural livelihoods and food security, and improving the trade balance, while agro-processing plays a central role in diversification.

August 2011

This Act provides with respect to constitution, administration and jurisdiction of local courts and related matters. It also provides for appeal against decisions of local courts to the District Appeal Courts or to Customary Appeals Division of High Court. There is hereby established for each Chiefdom of Sierra Leone a Local Court which shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and such other members as the Minister may determine.

December 2014

This Act makes provision with respect to agreements for the purposes of lending money and related matters such as debt recovery. A “credit agreement” means an agreement in the nature of a credit facility, a credit transaction, a secured credit guarantee, any combination of these or any other agreement that relates to a transaction, regardless of its form that creates a security interest in movable property to secure all types of obligations, present or future, determined or determinable.

January 2012

These Regulations, made by the Board of the Environment Protection Agency under section 62 of the Environment Protection Agency Act, 2008 as amended by the Environment Protection Agency (Amendment) Act, 2010, provide with respect to environmental protection in mining operations. They shall apply to body corporates and individuals applying for or issued minerals rights under the Mines and Minerals Act 2009.

National Policies
March 2005

The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper - A National Programme for Food Security, Job Creation and Good Governance (PRSP) is a cross-sectoral national strategy paper of Sierra Leone. It is in force for the period of 2005-2007. Its main objective is to address the poverty challenges and attain food security and create employment opportunities.Achieving food security is at the heart of Sierra Leone’s poverty reduction strategy in the next three years.

December 2009

This Act provides rules relative to the exploration for and the exploitation of mineral resources and related matters such as the protection of the environment and the use of water resources. It also contains special provisions relating to radioactive minerals.The Minister responsible for mineral resources shall be the principal administration authority for purposes of this Act and the Director of Mines shall be responsible for the implementation of this Act. Some powers are assigned to the Director of Geological Survey.

National Policies
August 2015

The Final National Land Policy (NLP) of Sierra Leone provides the vision, principles and policy components to give direction to and definition of the roles and responsibilities of various government and customary authorities, and other non-state actors, in land management. Specifically, it enunciates policy statements in respect of the key components of the National Land Policy such as access to land and tenure, land use, regulation and the management of special land issues, land administration structures, land laws and the Constitution.

July 2008

This Act establishes the Bumbuna Watershed Management Authority and constitutes the Bumbuna Conservation Area.The object for which the Authority is established is to promote sustainable land use practices and environmental management in the Bumbuna Watershed, to protect the flora and fauna in the Bumbuna Conservation Area and to protect the Bumbuna reservoir.The Authority shall be a body corporate and be managed by a Board.