Sierra Leone

A photograph of the countryside in Sierra Leone
23 October 2017
Sierra Leone

The Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S) in Berlin is seeking a consultant to research beneficial land ownership in Sierra Leone, applying and testing a newly developed methodology.


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December 2011
Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s devastating 11-year civil war destroyed much of its infrastructure, and left its economy in tatters. In 2004, two years after the end of the war, Sierra Leone asked the investment climate (IC) advisory services of the World Bank Group to help create a better business and investment climate that will lay a foundation for the country’s future economic growth.

Project duration
January 2011 to January 2015

The Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development (STEWARD) project is actively working in PZ1, training community members of Fintonia village, located in Sierra Leone. The local community has participated in workshops on a Geographical Positioning System (GPS) and the principles of community land-rights mapping. The capacity building workshop enabled members of the community to work hand in hand with Thomson Reuters to be able to use a GPS to map their owned land in relation to the forest areas of PZ1.

5 September 2017
Sierra Leone

Deforestation, alongside unplanned and unregulated construction transformed a natural hazard into a flooding and mudslide disaster

YAOUNDE, Sept 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Experience gained taming West Africa's Ebola outbreak is helping Sierra Leone deal with its recent mudslide disaster, but urgent action is needed to prevent future catastrophes, experts say.

30 August 2017
Sierra Leone

Date : 28 août 2017

Source : Farmlandgrab

Lors d’une conférence de presse donnée au terme d’une mission de deux semaines qu’il a effectuée en Sierra Leone, un expert de l’Onu, M. Baskut Tuncak (photo), a dénoncé la faible protection des droits fonciers des populations indigènes face aux multinationales. En ligne de mire, la société luxembourgeoise Socfin, active dans l’exploitation de plantations de palmiers à huile.

sierra leone indigenous peoples
28 August 2017
Sierra Leone

(Ecofin Agency) - During a press conference held at the end of a mission in Sierra Leone, UN expert, Baskut Tuncak, denounced fragile protection of land rights of indigenous populations against multinationals. Amongst the latter, Luxembourg firm Socfin, which has palm oil plantations.

president koroma sierra leone land policy
21 August 2017
Sierra Leone

President Koroma today, Monday 21st of August, visited the East-end of Freetown to take stock of flood-hit areas. Meeting flood affected persons from Mountain Cut, Culvert and Wellington communities who are now seeking shelter at Brima Attouga mini-stadium, President Koroma told residents that government would do everything possible to help them rebuild their lives.

sierra leone agriculture
7 August 2017
Sierra Leone

Modern land registration systems are usually compulsory. Countries must be able to keep track of land, ownership and land use. This is important for planning, real estate sales and urbanization. When land is properly and legally registered, it should protect landowners.

The National Land Policy (NLP) will seek to ensure that a staggered, accessible and affordable process of compulsory registration is enforced after the ratification of the policy.

7 August 2017
Sierra Leone

Application Closing Date - 13 Aug 2017

Job Start Date - 01 Sep, 2017

Duration - 1st September 2017 to 17th December 2017

Location - remote, attend workshop in Berlin