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Après l’Afrique du sud, la Namibie veut à son tour exproprier les propriétaires fonciers blancs

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Date: 22 mars 2017

Source: Agence Ecofin

Par Souha Touré

Les propriétaires blancs de terres namibiennes sont dans le viseur du gouvernement. C’est ce qu’a déclaré mardi, lors des célébrations du 27ème anniversaire de l’indépendance de la Namibie, le président Hage Geingob (photo), qui envisage une expropriation massive des terres pour accélérer le transfert de biens à la majorité noire du pays.

Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Amendment Act, 2014

An Act to amend the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act, 1995, so as to insert a certain definition; to provide for further situations where the State has the right of preference to purchase land; to provide for a negotiating committee on purchase prices; and to provide for incidental matters.

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March 2014

Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act, 1995

An Act to provide for the acquisition of agricultural land by the State for the purpose of land reform and for the allocation of such land to Namibian citizens who do not own or otherwise have the use of any or of adequate agricultural land, and foremost those Namibian citizens who have been socially, economically or educationally disadvantaged by past discriminatory laws or practices; to vest in the State a preferent right to purchase agricultural land for the purposes of the Act; to provide for the compulsory acquisition of agricultural land by the State for the purposes of the Act; to re

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February 1995

Access to land empowers Namibian rural women

Monday, February 27, 2017

Date: 27 February 2017

Source: New China

In Namibia's northern Omusati region, Esra Kuutumbeni toils on her pearl millet field as she hopes for improved yields of the staple crop, following a dry spell the preceding year.

"I wake up early to work on my field to ensure that weeds do not outgrow my crops. I want to be food sufficient, sell surplus and be an independent woman," she said.

Women's Property and Inheritance Rights: Improving Lives in a Changing Time

Full citation: Steinzor, N., "Women's Property and Inheritance Rights: Improving Lives in a Changing Time" FINAL SYNTHESIS AND CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS PAPER (USAID and WIDtech 2003).

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December 2003