El Salvador

12 March 2017

Los ciudadanos de la municipalidad salvadoreña de Cinquera, en el norteño departamento de Cabañas, se opusieron a un proyecto minero de forma contundente. El voto favorable de 98 por ciento de los consultados lo convirtió en el quinto “territorio libre de minería” de El Salvador.

“Las compañías mineras tienen un vasto campo con grandes extensiones en otros países, y muchas veces necesitan usar leyes comparadas de otros países para poder aplicar sus prácticas en El Salvador.”, explicó a IPS el fiscal para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos, William Iraheta.

1 March 2017

In El Salvador, where land ownership still remains a barrier for women, a rural women’s cooperative paves the way for income, access to public services and legal support. A child care facility run by the women enable them to work outside their homes.

Mercedes Sanchez de Garcia tenses when she remembers how her husband would stop her from participating in the women’s association of Las Piedritas, in a rural district in the eastern part of El Salvador: “’You’re not going there,’ he told me. ‘You have to look after the children. That’s what you’re here for.’”

By Rachel Crome, Digital editor at Amnesty International

If there’s one thing we learned from January’s historic Women’s March, it’s that women are fed up of waiting. More than 3 million people – of all genders – marched worldwide for women’s rights, spurred on by US President Donald Trump’s misogynistic remarks and the growing backlash against women’s human rights around the world.

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