November 1994

These Measures are formulated to implement the Grassland Law of the People’s Republic of China in Shaanxi Province.

June 1984

These Regulations aim to protect, construct and utilize rationally grasslands, improve the ecological environment, maintain the biodiversity, develop modern animal husbandry, and promote the sustainable development of economy and society.

February 1993

These Rules are determined pursuant to Article 50 of the Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act.According to the Public Nuisance Dispute Mediation Act, the “public nuisance” means human activities which destroy the living environment, and damage or endanger public health.

November 1996

These Regulation is to strengthen the management of rural collective-owned assets, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owners and operators thereof.

December 2004

Thees Enforcement Rules are enacted pursuant to Article 43 of the Act of Establishment and Administration of Agricultural Technology Parks.The duties of the Agricultural Technology Park Administration may be entrusted to other government agencies, administrative legal entities, or private organizations to handle upon requirements.

April 2004

The Act, consisting of 44 articles, is enacted to ensure permanent management of the agriculture by means of developing agricultural technology, introducing agricultural technicians, gathering agricultural technology industries, and accelerating the transformation of the agricultural industry.The establishment and administration of an Agricultural Technology Park shall be governed by the provisions of the Act.

November 2012

This Regulation aims to prevent and control water and soil loss, protect and reasonably utilize water and land resources, reduce disasters of flood and drought, improve ecological environment, and promote the sustainable economic and social development.

July 2006

This Regulations aims at doing a good job in the land requisition compensation and resettlement of migrants for large and medium water conservation and hydropower construction projects, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of migrants and ensuring the smooth construction of the projects.