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March 2014

In conflict situations, peace settlements and cease-fire agreements may often, end violent conflicts, but do not prevent renewed violence or guarantee a permanent end to conflicts.5 According to the World Bank, chances that renewed conflicts will erupt are high and even higher when control over natural resources is at stake.6 In the past two decades alone, Africa has experienced violent conflicts with successive cease-fire agreements and peaceful settlements, which have often been followed by outbreaks of new conflicts.

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July 2015

In the framework of collaboration for country based case studies on land and natural resource tenure security in Eastern and Southern Africa by the University of Nairobi/ Centre for Urban Research and Innovation, a case study was conducted in Burundi. Data collection was based mainly on literature review of legal texts and all studies realized in the area of land tenure and natural resources in Burundi, and field visits. This paper presents only the synthesis of the information and data collected on land, water, mines and forests.

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July 2013

Gaining access to private lands in war-torn societies is a problem that confronts many governments, including Burundi when implementing public projects. Government officials hastily acquired private lands while implementing projects which are not always for public interests. Using the case study approach, the study explored what happened when land was acquired to erect a new Presidential Palace at Gasenyi area.

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December 2009

The completion of this comprehensive harmonized soil information database will improve estimation of current and future land potential productivity, help identify land and water limitations, and enhance assessing risks of land degradation, particularly soil erosion. The HWSD contributes sound scientific knowledge for planning sustainable expansion of agricultural production and for guiding policies to address emerging land competition issues concerning food production, bio-energy demand and threats to biodiversity.

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December 1999

A medium-size report that describes the overall situation of data on fuelwood in Burundi. The report starts with a general introduction of the study and the country. It is followed by a section describing the forest area, its uses and the legislation surrounding it. The following part states the country's forest resources distinguishing natural from artificial forests. Some attention is given to non-wood forest products and sustainable forest ecosystems.

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December 2016

Meeting Name: African Forestry and Wildlife Commission
Meeting symbol/code: FO:AFWC/2016/4.1
Session: Sess. 20

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December 2005

Les évaluations des bilans en éléments nutritifs aident à déterminer les effets des pratiques agricoles sur la fertilité des sols. Selon les situations, plusieurs approches et méthodes ont été utilisées. Ce bulletin présente un apercu de la situation actuelle des études des bilans en elements nutritifs. Il fait apparaître l'évolution des différentes approches et méthodes, les compare et souligne les améliorations effectuées ainsi que les questions qui restent à résoudre.

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December 2010

L’impact de la variabilité et du changement climatiques sur la production agricole et la gestion des ressources naturelles est en cours d’examen approfondi par les scientifiques à tous les niveaux, tant dans les pays en développement que dans les pays développés. Un appel a été lancé pour des innovations technologiques et scientifiques destinées à atténuer les effets du changement climatique en vue de réaliser l’un des objectifs majeurs du Millénaire pour le développement (OMD) d’ici 2015 – éradiquer l’extrême pauvreté et la faim.

Reports & Research
December 2002

Meeting Name: Regional Conference for Africa (ARC) (22nd Session)
Meeting symbol/code: ARC 02 INF/7