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December 2015

<i>Towards effective national forest funds</i> addresses the need for more information on the way NFFs work and how best to establish and manage them. It shares the lessons that have emerged from the establishment and management of NFFs with the aim of supporting countries in designing and operating NFFs effectively according to their specific needs and circumstances.

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December 2000

Summary of conference proceedings incorporating the text of papers presented

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December 2006

The initial Asia-Pacific Forestry Sector Outlook Study (APFSOS) drew together the myriad forestry dimensions to provide a coherent description and analysis of the situation and prospects for forestry in the region. The study resulted in 50 working papers on a variety of forestry themes. The formal aspects of the study culminated in a comprehensive main report, published in November 1998. APFSOS provided an important roadmap for forestry sector development in the Asia-Pacific region to 2010, which is still being used to guide policy makers in the region today.

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December 2012
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December 2016

Meeting Name: Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA)
Meeting symbol/code: CGRFA-16/17/15
Session: Sess.16

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December 2005

This is the twenty-second issue of the above publication, a comprehensive and detailed compilation of statistics on farming, livestock, fishery, forestry and nutrition in Asia-Pacific countries for the decade 1994-2004. Statistics are listed separately for developing countries (including transition economies) and developed countries in the region. The publication uses mostly FAO statistics based on information provided by member countries. Included is a table reporting on the status of organic farming in the region and a section on country profiles.

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December 1999

Abstract not available.

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December 2008

Does forest tenure matter? In what way does it matter? What are the links among tenure, sustainable forest management (SFM) and poverty alleviation (PA)? This paper presents the main findings of research that was conducted by FAO and partners from the Asia Forest Partnership with the aim of analysing and understanding the role of tenure arrangements, their enabling impacts and their limitations. The paper presents a summary of different tenure instruments’ performance in supporting SFM and PA, and provides recommendations for more effective forest tenure systems.