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Food Security

Technical experts from G7 donors (UK, US, Germany, France), AU Land Policy Initiative and FAO have compiled a due diligence framework for land related investments based on existing standards, guidance and good practice, to support responsible investments under the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

Reports & Research
December 2013

The statistical profile is a comprehensive statistical profile of Scheduled Tribes (otherwise called indigenous people), produced and published by Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India. The profile presents information relating to some key characteristics pertaining to STs like trend analysis of demographic profile, education, health, and employment status along with their proportions having basic amenities like, drinking water, electricity, and bank account etc.

22 August 2017

Current Status of the Land Resources

Since the dawn of civilisation land and water have been the basic elements of life support system in our planet. Great civilisations flourished where these resources was available in plenty and they declined or perished with their depletion.

18 August 2017
Sri Lanka


The resettled people of Sampur and Kadarkaraichenai have filed a complaint over land issues to the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, submitting over a thousand documents as evidence.

Representatives of the villages went to the Trincomalee regional office of HRCSL to hand over the files of evidence and letters and to register the official complaint.

S. Shanmuganathan, head of the Sampur East Village Development Association said the team had handed over information pertaining to four pressing land issues faced by the people of Sampur.

22 August 2017


Thousands of pastoralists in northern Ngorongoro district made homeless as homes torched to protect wild game


Simat Rotiken and his family are braving cold nights huddled under a tree after their homestead was burned down in a scheme to protect a disputed wildlife corridor.

They were driven from their pastures by security forces in a government policy aimed at securing the Loliondo Game Controlled Area next to the Serengeti National Park.

24 August 2017


It is well documented from the work of grass roots, civil society and non-governmental organisations that the women, in Africa, are among the poorest of the poor and their lack of access to land and housing is largely as a result of their limited access to resources. Unemployment and underemployment, particularly for women, and therefore insufficient wages to purchase housing means women have little chance to own their own home. Unfair inheritance and divorce laws also force women into situations of hardship and homelessness.

nepal flood slum
22 August 2017
Southern Asia

(CNN) More than 700 people are believed to have been killed in massive floods and landslides that have rocked Bangladesh, India and Nepal this month, aid workers say.

It is the worst flooding that some parts of South Asia have seen in decades, with about 24 million people affected, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said.