Land Stakeholders & Institutions

Land Stakeholders & Institutions

A stakeholder is anyone or any institution who has interests in, or is affected by, an issue or activity or transaction, and therefore has a natural right to participate in decisions relating to it. 

There may be more than one stakeholder, or stakeholder group, claiming an interest in the land use on a particular area of land.

As examples, a farmer is a stakeholder in relation to the distribution or management of irrigation water from a common source, or as regards decisions on grazing rights on communal land. The term can also be applied to groups, as when several groups have an interest in, or are affected by, the exploitation of the water from a reservoir or products extracted from a forest. Stakeholders include those individuals or groups, such as women or indigenous communities, who have genuine and legitimate claims on use, but whose opinion may not be valued in current negotiations for cultural or religious reasons. Groups resident outside the area, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and research institutions, can also be stakeholders. Also the government of a country may have ministries with the position of stakeholders. The concept can be extended to include unborn generations who have a future interest in the resource.

Source: FAO

27 September 2017




O Brasil vai lançar um vasto plano de privatização de territórios naturais, como praias paradisíacas, florestas virgens e centenas de ilhas, susceptíveis de atrair investidores, disse o ministro do Turismo do país, Marx Beltrão.

2 October 2017

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Após dez anos, o Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) fará um novo Censo Agropecuário no país. A coleta de dados começou hoje (2) e será feita por 19 mil recenseadores em mais de 5,3 milhões de estabelecimentos agropecuários em todo o país nos próximos cinco meses.

4 October 2017
21 September 2017
Cape Verde

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Cabo Verde vai aprovar, até final do ano, as suas metas de combate à desertificação e degradação dos solos, disse hoje o ministro da Agricultura e Ambiente, adiantando que depois será elaborado um projeto de atuação neste domínio.

A decisão final será tomada pela UNESCO no decurso da próxima reunião anual do Comité de Coordenação Henrique Botequilha/LUSA
22 September 2017




O ministro da Terra, Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Rural de Moçambique, Celso Correia, assinou a candidatura do Parque Nacional das Quirimbas a Reserva Mundial da Biosfera da UNESCO.


Men displaced from Shangil Tobaya farm rented land for the rainy season in Dali, close to Tawila in the Sudanese state of North Darfur. They are part of a community of displaced persons who have set up camp in Dali, fleeing the heavy fighting that took pl
Policy Papers & Briefs
October 2017

The Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) Challenge Fund supports innovative partnerships between non-profit organisations and agricultural investors with the goal of encouraging responsible agricultural investment. The £3.65 million fund is a core component of DFID’s LEGEND programme.

Cabbage plantation areas on the slope of mount Gede Pangrango Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.   Photo by Ricky Martin/CIFOR
11 October 2017


Lebanon Room
FAO Headquarters

DFID's Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) programme is promoting learning and innovation through 7 CSO-private sector partnerships in diverse agri-regions in 5 African countries; USAID and others are supporting similar initiatives. This side event will share and discuss early insights from these pilots and explore what can be achieved through these approaches: