Land Stakeholders & Institutions

Land Stakeholders & Institutions

A stakeholder is anyone or any institution who has interests in, or is affected by, an issue or activity or transaction, and therefore has a natural right to participate in decisions relating to it. 

There may be more than one stakeholder, or stakeholder group, claiming an interest in the land use on a particular area of land.

As examples, a farmer is a stakeholder in relation to the distribution or management of irrigation water from a common source, or as regards decisions on grazing rights on communal land. The term can also be applied to groups, as when several groups have an interest in, or are affected by, the exploitation of the water from a reservoir or products extracted from a forest. Stakeholders include those individuals or groups, such as women or indigenous communities, who have genuine and legitimate claims on use, but whose opinion may not be valued in current negotiations for cultural or religious reasons. Groups resident outside the area, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and research institutions, can also be stakeholders. Also the government of a country may have ministries with the position of stakeholders. The concept can be extended to include unborn generations who have a future interest in the resource.

Source: FAO

18 May 2017


Poverty eradication is high on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo administration’s agenda. On his election campaign trail in Bandung, West Java, on July 3, 2014, he elucidated how he would address the acute poverty among 29 million citizens, 18 million of whom live in rural areas. A priority program he envisaged was provision of land to 4.5 million poor families.

18 May 2017


SANTIAGO, May 18 2017 (IPS) - Water at high prices, sold as a market good, and small farmers almost a species in extinction, replaced by seasonal workers, are the visible effects of the crisis in rural Chile, 50 years after a land reform which postulated that “the land is for those who work it.”

Manuals & Guidelines
December 2016

Este programa foi elaborado em atendimento ao Acórdão do Tribunal de Contas da União (n° 1942/2015) que versa sobre Governança de Solos. A Embrapa e, em especial, a Embrapa Solos se articularam para montar um grupo de trabalho multi-institucional, que elaborou o programa a partir de workshops presenciais e a distância.

15 May 2017


Rights to land for women have been enshrined in law in Zimbabwe, but the practice of law in reality often has not delivered women’s empowerment and rights. This must change, but how?

31 May 2017 to 1 June 2017


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A new series of case studies authored by researchers at Princeton University’s Innovations for Successful Societies program profiles recent initiatives to strengthen tenure security and reform land registration systems in seven countries: South AfricaCanada

15 May 2017

Source: Infos Gabon

Les 160 personnes délogées à Mveng Ayong et Marseille 2 ont été recasées sur cet espace près du stade de l’amitié sino-gabonaise d’Angondjé.

Le gouvernement vient de trouver une solution au casse-tête que représentaient jusque-là les personnes déguerpies de Mveng Ayong et de Marseille 2 à la parcelle UY 8.

15 May 2017

Date: 13 mai 2017


Dans le cadre du renforcement des relations de fraternité et de coopération entre la République du Congo et la Côte d’Ivoire, une forte délégation congolaise d’experts du foncier , conduite par le Ministre en charge du foncier, Monsieur Martin Parfait Aimé COUSSOUD-MAVOUNGOU, a eu une séance de travail avec les experts ivoiriens pour échanger et partager leurs expériences en la matière. 

12 May 2017


Sixty percent of Zambians are small-scale farmers, who make up many of the nation's poorest people but produce 85 percent of its food

LONDON, May 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Zambia's smallholder farmers could be made squatters on their own land as the country opens up to farming multinationals in an effort to boost its economy, said a United Nations expert.

Reports & Research
May 2017

Source: Farmlandgrab

Veuillez trouver ci-joint une nouvelle publication intitulée “Accaparement de terres et droits humains: Le rôle des acteurs européens à l’étranger.” Ce document contient plusieurs examples de cas d’Afrique. En plus, il contient des recommandations de mesures à prendre par l’Union européenes et ses Etats membres pour arrêter et prévenir l’accaparement des terres et promouvoir les droits humains.

12 May 2017

Date: 11 mai 2017

Source: APS

Ousmane Ba, point focal du Mécanisme africain d’évaluation par les pairs (MAEP) à Matam, a alerté jeudi sur les risques liés aux problèmes d’accès au foncier qui se posent dans cette région.