Land Conflicts

Land Conflicts

A “land conflict” involves competing claims to large areas of land by groups, of a breadth and depth not easily resolved within existing law. There is often no consensus on the rules to be applied, and the parties may have quite different understandings of the nature of the conflict. As used in this paper, “conflict” implies tension and the danger of violence, but not violence unless this is specified. Longstanding potentials for conflict based in structural or other fundamental problems may be the result of “trigger” events turned violent. 

Source: USAID

2016 tem aumento de 232% na expulsão de famílias do campo
26 May 2017

Segundo a Pastoral da Terra, mortes aconteceram durante ação de despejo em Pau D’Arco (PA) e reforçam aumento da violência no campo.

Imagem: Imagem de arquivo cedida por Rubens Valente mostra a transferência, em avião da Força Aérea Brasileira, de indígenas Panará. ARQUIVO SEDOC (SERVIÇO DE GESTÃO DOCUMENTAL) DA FUNAI EM BRASÍLIA-DF
25 July 2017
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July 2017

Land is an important source of identity and a precious asset with significant emotional connection in India. It is also the main source of rural and feudal power structure for most of India’s history. Land is a symbol of social status, cultural identity and an expression of political power. The value of land is deeply ingrained in the consciousness and well-being of the poor farmers and indigenous communities who make up a substantial portion of India’s total population.

25 July 2017

Date : 20 juillet 2017

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Macky Sall l’avait promis, il l’a fait! Les jeunes de Castors et des quartiers environnants sont aux anges d’autant que leur terrain de football avait été morcelé avant qu’une partie ne soit cédée à un promoteur.

24 July 2017

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Nova regra determina que povos que não ocupavam suas terras originárias em 1988 não têm direito a reivindicá-las

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Date: 21 juillet

Source: Mali Actu

Par: Moussa Sékou Diaby

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July 2017

 The Abyei Administrative Area (AAA) is a contested zone located on the central border between South Sudan and Sudan. Its status has remained unresolved since South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011, and the governments failed to agree on the border division. A United Nations peacekeeping mission, the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA), has since monitored the situation. It is entrusted with overseeing demilitarisation and maintaining security in the area.