water rights


By Luca Chinotti, Global Policy Advisor, International Land Coalition (ILC)


Without People-Centred Land Governance, governments will not be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In fact, if we fail to secure and protect land rights, for those who live on and from the land, it will be impossible...

Gender inequalities
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August 2014

BarotseFloodplain, Western Province of Zambia
•Multiple demographic, socioeconomic and climatic challenges and vulnerabilities
•Variety of livelihood opportunities: flood –provide fish & aquatic plants; water subside –fertile ground to cultivate crops
•Cattle, forest products, fish trade, piecework


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December 2008

When water entitlement and water sharing systems are mis-specified, that is specified in amanner that lacks hydrological integrity, inefficient investment and water use is the result.Using Australia's Murray Darling Basin as an example, this paper attempts to reveal theeconomic consequences of entitlement mis-specification.

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December 2013

Rio Grande water is intensively managed and regulated by international and interstate compacts, Native American treaties, local water rights, and federal, state, and local agencies. Legislation and engineering projects in the early twentieth century brought about water impoundment projects and channelization of the Rio Grande which led to the eventual loss of floodplain habitats.

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December 2007
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December 2015

In recent decades, markets have become widely used for environmental resources. Prime examples include water rights where trade enables water to be allocated to the most profitable crops, and allows farmers more flexibility to cope with climatic variability (Bjornlund 2003). Similarly, tradable rights for air pollution minimize the cost of meeting air quality targets (Stavins 1998). The same principles can potentially be widely applied to biodiversity conservation. In this issue, we are fortunate to have a short but diverse series of papers on tradable rights in conservation.