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Decree on the Implementation of the Land Law No. 88/PM

Article 1 - Objectives:

"This Decree is issued for the purpose of implementing the Land Law relating to the management, protection, use and development of land in an efficient, peaceful, and fair manner as well as ensuring the compliance with the set-targets and the uniformity of practice throughout the country."

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June 2008

Local use agreements: contributing to decentralisation and democritisation?

There is growing degradation in sylvo-pastoral lands that were originally under common property regimes, but over which the state now asserts ownership. User associations are being given the right to take charge of regulating how these areas are sustainably exploited by means of use agreements, and are proving an effective instrument in halting the degradation process.

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January 2008

Dedo na ferida

A imprensa noticiou uma forte reação de setores do agronegócio contra o enredo sobre os povos do Xingu que a Imperatriz Leopoldinense vai apresentar no carnaval 2017. Um ponto em especial provocou a ira dos ruralistas: a descrição dos indígenas como defensores do meio ambiente em oposição a fazendeiros, ao uso de agrotóxicos e aos efeitos devastadores ao meio ambiente causados por Belo Monte. Além de notas de repúdio, foi prometida uma CPI para apurar o financiamento da escola.

LAND Project Policy Brief: Contested Claims over Protected Area Resources in Rwanda

The aim of this policy brief is to describe current and historical conflicts over rights to land and natural resources within and surrounding protected areas in Rwanda. We examine the roots of contested claims between citizens and the State and offer some potential avenues for resolving these conflicts in ways that consider both the priorities of the Government of Rwanda and the rights of local communities that depend on protected area resources.

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March 2014

China to allow land transfer under new rural land reforms

By: NT
Date: November 2nd 2016
Source: The Navhind Times

Beijing: China has initiated a new set of land reforms changing the 30-year-old system to permit transfer of land rights to individuals or conglomerates, a politically sensitive move as the Communist country embarked on urban expansion shedding its agrarian past.

China loosens land transfer rules to spur larger, more efficient farms

By: Elias Glenn and Kevin Yao
Date: November 3rd 2016
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

China has relaxed rules to allow farmers to transfer their land rights to help promote more efficient, large-scale farms, amid an exodus of farm workers to the cities.

The authorities on Sunday recommended separating various rights to rural land, which they say would improve land circulation, increase farmers' incomes, and contribute to the development of modern agriculture.

12 farmers fighting for land reform arrested in Philippines

By: Barbara Mae Dacanay
Date: October 12th 2016
Source: The Gulf News

Manila: Twelve farmers fighting for land reform were arrested and have remained in prison based on a complaint of a landlord in central Philippines at the start of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte who has revived peace talks with the 48-year-old Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), a rights leader said.

Ghana: Land grabbing may pose threat to achieving SDGs

By: Michael Sena Dzansi
Date: October 11th 2016
Source: News Ghana

CARITAS Ghana has stated that though Ghana has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the new global framework for development, the country faces the risk of failing to attain some of these goals due to the negative impact of land grabbing throughout the country.