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12 June 2017

Mumbai's 150-year-old Bhendi Bazaar quarter is embarking on a unique community-led modernisation that could be a model for inner-city redevelopment across India

MUMBAI, June 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - All her life, home for Robab Nallwalla has been a one-room flat in central Mumbai, a space she shares with her parents and her brother - and more recently, her brother's wife.

The single room, similar to nine others on the dingy floor with no lift, was cramped and noisy, not a place she could invite friends to.

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August 1978

An Act to provide for the registration of professional surveyors, the establishment of a National Council to regulate the standards of conduct and activities of professional surveyors and for matters connected with the practice of the profession of land surveying and land economy.  

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Reports & Research
December 2012

This Handbook is a simplified tool for easy operationalization of the Unit Titles Act and the accompanying laws. The Handbook has been divided into six substantive chapters that summarises the required processes, documents and output. The first chapter provides for the essential terminologies in Unit Title Properties and their manner of application. This part has been supplemented by corresponding glossary of the end of chapter six. 

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December 2008

An Act to provide for the management of the division of buildings into units, clusters, blocks and sections owned individually of co-owned and use ofdesignated areas; to provide for issuance of certificate of unit titles for the individual ownership of the units, clusters, or section of the building, management and resolution of disputes arising from the use of common property; to provide for use of common property by occupiers other than owners and to provide for related matten.