urban forestry

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December 2013

The planning and management of urban forest has become increasingly important as a focus of urban environmental management. The objectives of this study were to analyze the landuse/land cover and to map functional zones of the urban forest in the upper catchment area of Addis Ababa. This study identifies five landuse/land cover types: (i) Eucalyptus–Juniperus dominated forest, (ii) mixed native forest, (iii) built-up areas, (iv) Eucalyptus plantation (v) crop/grazing lands.

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September 2016


Date of Assent: 31st August, 2016

Date of Commencement: By Notice

Peer-reviewed publication
December 2014

Crown diameter and tree density were measured in 52 communities in the Sudan-Sahel using satellite imagery to determine the relationships between rainfall and distance from community center to crown size diameter and tree density. As distance from the community center increased, tree density and crown diameter decreased. As rainfall increased, tree density decreased while crown diameter increased. Distance from the community center is a proxy for age since urbanization and our results indicate that older parts of communities show longer and more consistent tree management.

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October 2016

These guidelines are the result a consultative process that involved a large number of practitioners from both developed and developing countries. Two meetings were held in Glasgow and Delhi and a tentative outline was agreed upon. The guidelines are intended to provide a reference framework for decision makers and planners to adequately plan, design and manage the forest and trees in and around their cities.