One that pays rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another.


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Mantém-se a discussão no Congresso Nacional sobre a aquisição de terras por estrangeiros, visando a formulação de uma nova lei que possa tratar adequadamente essa matéria.

19 April 2017

Trabalhadores sem terra devem manter acampamento na Praça Sinimbu, no centro de Maceió, até a próxima sexta-feira, 21. Ontem, no Dia Internacional de Luta dos Trabalhadores do Campo, os líderes do movimento protocolaram pedidos de audiência no Tribunal de Justiça de Alagoas (TJ/AL) e no palácio do governo. Eles querem encontrar o governador Renan Filho (PMDB) para cobrar a apropriação das terras da Usina Laginha, além de segurança no campo. A decisão de protocolar os pedidos foi tomada durante assembleia.


By: Sayantan Bera
Date: August 15th 2016
Source: Live Mint

New Delhi: Several states, including Gujarat, Odisha and Punjab, are adopting a model law that is aimed at encouraging owners of agricultural land to lease out their land for farming.

August 2012

The Northeast region of Brazil has long
been the single largest pocket of rural poverty in Latin
America. With a combined area of 1.6 million square
kilometers-16 percent of Brazil's total-the Northeast
is home to 45 million people, 28 percent of Brazil's
total population , of whom 5.4 million people live on about
$1 a day and a total of 10.7 million on $1.60 or less per
day. Nearly half of all rural communities are in the

June 2012

Although sharecropping has long
fascinated economists, the determinants of this contractual
form are still poorly understood and the debate over the
extent of moral hazard is far from settled. The authors
address both issues by emphasizing the role of landlord
supervision. When tenant effort is observable, but at a cost
to the landlord, otherwise identical share-tenants can
receive different levels of supervision and have different

August 2012

Housing is one of the most important
sectors of the economy -- in developing countries as in
richer ones -- with large positive externalities in terms of
economic growth, public health and societal stability. It is
the primary form of asset accumulation for the poor -- often
representing more than 50 percent of the assets of
households. However, housing systems in developing countries
are dominated by badly designed, poorly targeted, and

June 2012

The need for land-related investment to
ensure sustainable land management and increase productivity
of land use is widely recognized. However, there is little
rigorous evidence on the effects of property rights for
increasing agricultural productivity and contributing toward
poverty reduction in Africa. Whether and by how much
overlapping property rights reduce investment incentives,
and the scope for policies to counter such disincentives,

January 2013

Although transfer of agricultural land
ownership through land reform had positive impacts on
productivity, investment, and political empowerment in many
cases, institutional arrangements in West Bengal -- which
made tenancy heritable and imposed a prohibition on
subleasing -- imply that early land reform benefits may not
be sustained and gains from this policy remain well below
potential. Data from a listing of 96,000 households in 200

July 2016

The objective of this Poverty and Social
Impact Analysis (PSIA) is to assess the impact of systematic
registration on vulnerable individuals, in general, and
Roma, in particular. Specifically, this PSIA focuses on the
systematic registration approach piloted under the
Complementing EU Support for Agricultural Restructuring
(CESAR, 2009 - 2013) Project, which was supported by the
World Bank. The World Bank involvement in the sector dates