A surveyor is a professional person with the academic qualifications and technical expertise to practise the science of measurement; to assemble and assess land and geographic related information.

June 2008

This Act provides rules for the registration of title or other interests in land and related matters and provides for the form of transfer of title in land or other interest in land such as mortgages, caveats, leases and easements.There shall continue to be a Registrar of Land who shall be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the administration of this Act. The Registrar may delegate the Registrar’s powers and functions to the Assistant Registrar of Land.

March 2014

This Governmental Decree establishes that the scope of land cadastre shall be to provide state bodies of all levels, natural and legal persons with the informationrelated to land areas and land quality located within the boundaries of urban areas, local government, districts and at the national level.

October 1999

Point 26 of the paragraph 1 of the Article 9 is supplemented with the expression "land survey/mapping practices". Point 45 of the paragraph 1 of the Article 9 acquires a new wording. It reads as follows "formal acceptance, storage and processing of cereals and the by-products of their processing at grain-elevators". Paragraph 1 of the Article 12 is supplemented with the following sentence: "Export and import of some commodities (produce and service) are subject to obligatory licensing".

Amends: Law No. 2200 (1995-04-17)

April 1995

This Law consists of 5 Chapters that contain 26 articles. Chapter 1 lays down the general provisions. Chapter 2 lists the types of activity that are subject to obligatory licensing. Chapter 3 determines licensing for export and import of commodities (produce service). Chapter 4establishes the modalities of issuing licences. Chapter 5 establishes liability for the infringement of the legislation currently in force on licensing.

July 2010

La presente Resolución aprueba las Políticas Nacionales de Información Geoespacial, cuyo objetivo general garantizar la generación, procesamiento, disponibilidad, intercambio, actualización, difusión y uso de información geoespacial, generada a nivel nacional, para proveer el marco general que impulse la creación, mantenimiento y administración de la Infraestructura Ecuatoriana de Datos Geoespaciales (IEDG) y el fortalecimiento del Sistema Nacional Descentralizado de Planificación Participativa (SNDPP).

September 2009

El presente Decreto aprueba el Reglamento de organización del Registro Inmobiliario, que es el órgano del Registro Nacional que integra las funciones catastrales y registrales inmobiliarias, respetando el principio de especialidad de cada área.

Implementa: Ley Nº 8.710 - Modifica la Ley Nº 5.695, que crea el Registro Nacional y la Ley Nº 6.545, Ley del catastro nacional. (2009-02-03)
Enmienda: Decreto Nº 26.771/J - Reglamento del Registro Público. (1998-02-18)

June 2009

The purpose of the Act is to promote and facilitate outdoor recreation ensuring Marka's borders and preserve a natural and cultural heritage, as well as sustainability thereof. The geographical area Marka is composed by the following areas: Kjekstad Marka, Vard Åsmarka, Vestmarka Krokskogen, Bærumsmarka, North Marka, Lillomarka, Romeriksåsene, Gjellerås Marka, Østmarka and Sørmarka. Marka is an agricultural, natural and recreational area (LNF area) pursuing Act relative to planning and construction.

February 2010

This Ministerial Decree establishes that Department on cadastre and registration of rights to immovable property shall be responsible for keeping land cadastre, mapping, registration of rights to immovable property and ensuring legal protection of registered rights to immovable property.

July 2008

The present Regulation rules that as of 1 August 2008 a state enterprise under the name “Spatial Information and Survey” shall be established with its headquarter in Dresden. Article 2 outlines the tasks of the afore-mentioned Institute. The text consist of 6 articles.

Implements: Saxon Land Survey Law. (2013-07-14)

January 1973

The present Act lays down provisions relating to land survey in the province of New Brunswick. In particular, the Act sets out details of land surveying procedures. Section 2 establishes that the Service New Brunswick shall establish and maintain a system of plane rectangular coordinates for locating points on the earth’s surface. A surveyor with at least five years experience as such shall be designated as Director of Surveys by Service New Brunswick.