state property

State property is property owned by the state.

As States Create Land Banks for Private Investors, Conflicts Erupt Across India
19 September 2017

State governments are building land banks, using both private and common lands, to attract investment in manufacturing and infrastructure, but at the cost of people’s rights.

slum dweller india land rights
14 September 2017

BHUBANESWAR: Four bills including the much-awaited Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Bill, 2017 were passed in the Assembly on Wednesday.Introducing the Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Bill, 2017 in the Assembly, Housing and Urban Development Minister Niranjan Pujari said it is a historical decision of the State Government to provide land and housing units to the urban poor living in different slums. The Bill will provide land to slum dwellers residing in Municipalities and Notified Area Councils (NACs) of the State.

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March 2015

Illegal and irregular allocations of public land were a common feature of the Moi regime and perhaps it’s most pervasive corrupt practice. The Ndung’u Report as well as various reports of the Public Investment Committee details numerous cases of public land illegal allocated to individuals and companies in total disregard of the law and public interest. Most allocations were made to politically correct individuals without justification and resulted in individuals being unjustly enriched at great cost to the people of Kenya.

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September 2014

Since 1985, Uttaran, an NGO, has been striving to establish the rights of poor people in the South-West regions of Bangladesh. During the operation of this development project, Uttaran has observed that providing the poor with productive elements can help eliminate poverty to a great extent. With the ownership of productive elements, their sources of income become multifarious. The productive element-the small piece of land-changes their social, cultural and psychological behavior. Statistics show that there are about 33lac acres of khas land in Bangladesh.

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July 2014

This training module is made for the field level beneficiaries of the project titled “Sustainable Access to Land Equality” implemented by Uttaran. Firstly, training will be provided to the selected trainers based on this module and later, the selected trainers will provide training to the primary committee leaders organized under the Sustainable Access to Land Equality project. So the person needs to have a clear conception about this module to conduct training.

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July 1996

o presente trabalho e uma compilação de vàrios artigos que sintetizam os resultados de pesquisas de campo sobre acesso e segurança de posse de terra efectuados nos liltimos cinco anos em Moçambique. Trata-se de pesquisas realizadas pelo projecto sobre Política Fundiária -Land Tenure Center da Universidade de Wisconsin, Estados Unidos da América, em colaboração com o Ministério da Agricultura e o NET-Núcleo de Estudos da Terra, da Universidade Eduardo Mondlane.

Foto: Mário Cruz/Lusa
22 March 2017

O Governo aprovou em Conselho de Ministros extraordinário, realizado no Palácio de Monserrate, em Sintra, no Dia Internacional da Floresta, um conjunto de medidas de reforma florestal para responder aos grandes desafios que se colocam em Portugal neste setor.

18 March 2017

Date: 18 mars 2017

Source: La Nouvelle Tribune

Par Pascal Mensah

Acteur expérimenté des questions d’ordre foncier, le magistratGilbert Togbonon était ce samedi 18 mars 2017 sur Soleil fm pour parler foncier.

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March 2011


"This Law determines the legal regime of the state-owned property, the legal basis of management of the state-owned property, including the property assigned to the state legal entities and the stocks and shares owned by the state in the authorized capital of legal entities, the legal basis of acquisition of rights and termination of the rights to the state-owned property and is aimed at providing effective implementation by the state of the rights of the owner and owner of other rights to the state-owned property."