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May 2015

Zambia is one of the most forested countries in Africa, with about 50 million out of the 75 million hectares total land area under some form of forest cover. However, the country also has one of the highest rates of deforestation and degradation in the world, estimated at 250,000-300,000 hectares of forest loss per annum. Reversing/slowing this high deforestation and degradation trend will require the country to design and implement programs and strategies that will effectively deal with both the proximate and underlying drivers of deforestation and degradation.

Flickr Thailand state forest
2 August 2017

What do you get from fighting for land rights in Thailand? You cannot ask Den Khamlae, 65, a prominent grassroots land rights activist. He mysteriously disappeared in a forest reserve near his rickety home in Chaiyaphum last year.

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December 2006
United States of America

State forestry best management practice (BMP) programs have been widely developed and implemented to prevent nonpoint source water pollution in the past three decades. The unanswered question is how forestry BMPs have affected the welfare positions of consumers, mills, loggers, and forest landowners. A Muth-type equilibrium displacement model was constructed to examine welfare changes of these stakeholders. The model considered a two-stage vertical production system with variable proportion production technology and imperfect market structure.

India State of Forest Report 2015
Reports & Research
April 2015

Status of Forest Report is published every two years by Forestr Survey of India, an autonomous agency under Indian Ministry of Environment and Forest.

It covers forest areas, forest cover, density, mapping, etc with information from national, States and district level. 

Journal Articles & Books
March 2015

This book exposes the key land use and environmental problems facing Kenya today due to lack of an appropriate national land use policy. The publication details how the air is increasingly being polluted, the water systems are diminishing in quantity and deteriorating in quality. The desertification process threatens the land and its cover. The soils are being eroded leading to siltation of the ocean and lakes. The forests are being depleted with impunity thus destroying the water catchments.

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September 2016


Date of Assent: 31st August, 2016

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5 February 2017

A afirmação não é novidade. Qualquer cidadão que acompanhe, com pesar, o triste avanço da monocultura de eucalipto sobre todo o território do Espírito Santo, sabe que o Instituto de Defesa Agropecuária e Florestal do Espírito Santo (Idaf) tem sido o bode expiatório de toda uma cultura anacrônica, insustentável e antidemocrática, que permanece entre os gestores públicos do Espírito Santo ainda nos dias de hoje, apesar das maquiagens verdes que se pretende impingir nos discursos, publicidades e justificativas de programas ambientais.

3 February 2017

O período de discussão pública da Reforma da Floresta terminou no passado dia 31 de janeiro. De acordo com o Ministério da Agricultura, foram recebidas cerca de 600 participações por escrito, metade das quais “foram remetidas por produtores e operadores florestais, associações e organizações representativas do setor, confederações agrícolas e organizações ambientalistas” e outras tantas por “cidadãos, municípios e especialistas académicos”.