Revertir la degradación de la tierra cover image
Policy Papers & Briefs
January 2009

Esto es un Compedio Para Responsables de Politicas "Revertir la degradación de la tierra"

From Land Degradation to Land Health cover image
Policy Papers & Briefs
January 2009

This is a brief for Policy Makers titled "From Land Degradation to Land Health"

December 2003
Southern Africa

A crops specialist and a livestock specialist from the Matopos research station describe technologies being developed to support smallholder farmers experiencing drought

Journal Articles & Books
December 2004

ACIAR funded a collaborative project between research organisations in Southeast Asia for ILRI and regional partners to explore new ways to control helminth parasites in the tropics. The project aimed to increase small ruminant production in Southeast Asia by controlling internal parasites, which are one of the major constraints to sheep and goat production in the tropics. Control of internal parasites also provides an avenue for general improvement in husbandry methods.

Reports & Research
February 2013

The objectives of the workshop were to (i) share and exchange experiences and lessons on available methods and tools to identify and analyse trade-offs in agricultural systems (at different levels: from household to landscape, regional and global level), (ii) to discuss and explore how we can apply the lessons learned within and between the respective CRPs, (iii) to explore potential for synergies and collaboration between scientists and programs on trade-off analysis in agricultural systems, (iv) to discuss how results from trade-off analysis research can be translated to end-users to achi