Rangelands –sound management strategies for a vulnerable resource

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August 2013

Rangelands cover 30 per cent of the global land surface. They support a considerable share of the global ruminant value chains, are habitat for a high plant and animal diversity and have various ecological, economic and social functions. But rangelands are currently under pressure from global change processes. A focus on humananimal- environment interactions is necessary to avoid resource overexploitation and degradation.

Building on successes in African agriculture

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December 2004

Agricultural growth will prove essential for improving the welfare of the vast majority of Africa’s poor. Roughly 80 percent of the continent’s poor live in rural areas, and even those who do not will depend heavily on increasing agricultural productivity to lift them out of poverty. Seventy percent of all Africans— and nearly 90 percent of the poor—work primarily in agriculture. As consumers, all of Africa’s poor—both urban and rural—count heavily on the efficiency of the continent’s farmers.

Grupo Centurión: el acceso a la tierra en el noreste ganadero del Uruguay

Reports & Research
September 2016

El caso del Grupo Centurión hace referencia al acceso colectivo de ocho asalariados rurales y pequeños productores rurales a un campo ganadero en régimen de pastoreo en la frontera noreste de Uruguay con Brasil, a través del Instituto Nacional de Colonización (INC).

La defensa de la propiedad comunitaria: Asociación Ganadera Agrícola del Valle Central de Tarija

Reports & Research
July 2014

La titularidad les ha permitido la defensa de su territorio, pero no ha sido suficiente para garantizar la integridad del predio. El territorio se reduce para conformar dos comunidades campesinas, pero se logra mantener un solo predio como empresa AGAVAT, efectiva como estrategia de defensa del derecho de los campesinos sobre la tierra para desarrollar la ganadería trashumante.

US launches partnership with Northern Rangelands Trust in Coastal Kenya

By:  Nicholas Sewe
Date: November 16th 2016
Source: Hivisasa

U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec has launched a new U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) program in support of seven community conservancies across Coastal Kenya.

The program is part of a new 5-year, Sh2 billion (US $20 million) partnership with the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) to help expand NRT’s operations in 33 conservancies in Kenya’s Coastal and Northern regions, covering 10.8 million acres (44,000km2). 

Nigeria: Farmers/Herdsmen Clash: Stakeholders Call For More Collaboration On Land Governance

By: Andrew Essein
Date: November 14th 2016
Source: Leadership Nigeria

The effective and efficient deployement of land resources as a method to resolving the pesistant clashes between farmers and herdsmen has again come to the fore with stakeholders and policy makers in the lands and agricultural sector calling for collaboration in the application of the appropriate land governance laws towards mitigating the ugly trend.

No. 6 Pastoralists Do Plan! Community-Led Land Use Planning in the Pastoral Areas of Ethiopia

Policy Papers & Briefs
November 2016

This issue paper No. 6 of the Rangelands Series consolidates a set of case studies which document how pastoralists plan landvand resource use in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of Ethiopia. 

Tanzanian herders, hit by drought, trade firewood for food

By: Kagondu Njagi
Date: November 9th 2016
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Rangelands threatened further as pastoralists struggling to graze animals sell firewood so their families can eat

NAMANGA, Tanzania, Nov 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It is only 6 am but Veronica Lemungat is already setting up shop at the Namanga open-air market, on the Tanzania-Kenya border. She brushes twigs off her striped red and blue dress, and places a bundle of firewood at her feet.

Australia: Rangelands land tenure reform on hold for now

By: Clayton Utz
Date: September 29th 2016
Source: Lexology

The draft Land Administration Amendment Bill 2016 will not be introduced to the WA Parliament during this term of government. But proposals for reforms to WA Crown land tenure are likely to be revived following the upcoming State election. 

Experts applaud Namibia’s rangeland policy

By: Deon Schlechter
Date: September 14th 2016
Source: New Era

Namibia has the potential and is poised to enable a programme of improved rangeland management in local level land use planning and improved marketing conditions in communal areas.

This is true for the northern communal areas (NCAs) – where restrictions on marketing, farmers’ perspectives and current practices make improved rangeland management extremely challenging.