protected areas

Protected areas refer to areas of at least 1,000 hectares as scientific and natural reserves and strict nature reserves, national parks of national and international reputation, natural monuments and landscapes.

August 2006

La presente Ley tiene por objeto establecer las disposiciones que regirán el proceso general para la planificación y gestión de la ordenación del territorio, en concordancia con las realidades ecológicas y los principios, criterios, objetivos estratégicos del desarrollo sustentable, que incluyan la participación ciudadana y sirvan de base para la planificación del desarrollo endógeno, económico y social de la nación.

September 2009

El presente Decreto aprueba el Reglamento de la Ley que tiene por objeto regular el uso y aprovechamiento sostenible y garantizar el acceso de la población a las zonas costeras marinas y lacustres, mediante los planes de desarrollo coordinados institucionalmente por la Comisión Nacional de Desarrollo de las Zonas Costeras (CDZC).

Implementa: Ley Nº 690 - Ley para el desarrollo de las zonas costeras. (2009-06-04)

October 2015

Article 6.1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “The following protected areas of local significance shall be set up on the regional territory: (a) tourist and recreational areas; and (b) protected natural complexes”.

Amends: Regional Law No. 39-OZ “On protected areas”. (2013-07-02)

March 2015

This Act amends the National Parks and Protected Areas Act, 1975 in section designated national parks (listed in the Schedule to the principal Order) and on powers of the President to amend the Schedule for purposes of designating national parks or altering its boundaries or description. Leases to the State of lands included in a park shall be excluded from the park upon expiry of the lease.

Amends: National Parks and Protected Areas Act, 1975. (1991)

June 1970

This Act makes provision for the protection of nature by: (1) prescribing a valuation of major works, construction and other activity which will entail substantial change to the landscape or substantial damage to the natural environment before such work is begun by the appropriate authorities (Chap. I); (2) providing for the establishment of national parks, nature reserves and natural monuments (Chap. II); (c) providing for the protection of fauna and flora (Chap.

November 1995

This Act restricts the use of public lands set aside for agricultural purposes to citizens of the Northern Mariana Islands and US nationals so as to prevent large-scale commercial exploitation of such lands which are scarce.Such lands as are leased or its use is permitted in accordance with the provisions of this Act and shall be developed in accordance with their most appropriate use or uses, i.e. either agricultural, aquacultural, maricultural, or animal husbandry.

October 2014

This Act amends the Integrated Coastal Management Act, 2008 with respect to a wide variety of matters including composition coastal public property, access fees, purposes for which coastal public property is established, reclamation of land by public authorities for state infrastructure and other purposes, the declaration of state-owned land as coastal public property, establishment of coastal management lines for protection purposes, award of coastal use permits on coastal public property and unlawful structures on coastal public property.

June 2008

This Order grants planning permission in respect of certain development which is necessary for the purposes of housing poultry and other captive birds to protect them from avian influenza. The Order applies to land within a controlled zone, H5N1 controlled zone, wild bird control area or wild bird monitoring area declared by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and to any identified premises. Where this Order applies, no specific application for planning permission is needed for the development permitted by this Order.