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December 2015

Wind-power development in the U.S. occurs primarily on private land, producing royalties for landowners through private contracts with wind-farm operators. Texas, the U.S. leader in wind-power production with well-documented support for wind power, has virtually all of its ~12 GW of wind capacity sited on private lands. Determining the spatial distribution of royalty payments from wind energy is a crucial first step to understanding how renewable power may alter land-based livelihoods of some landowners, and, as a result, possibly encourage land-use changes.

18 May 2017


Poverty eradication is high on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo administration’s agenda. On his election campaign trail in Bandung, West Java, on July 3, 2014, he elucidated how he would address the acute poverty among 29 million citizens, 18 million of whom live in rural areas. A priority program he envisaged was provision of land to 4.5 million poor families.

23 April 2017

Date: 23 avril 2017

Source: Togo top infos

21 April 2017

O Presidente guineense, José Mário Vaz, avisou hoje que deu ordens ao ministro da Agricultura para expropriar campos agrícolas às pessoas que não os querem trabalhar e dá-los a quem os cultive.

"Vou avisar aos que têm bolanhas (campos de cultivo de arroz), mas que não querem trabalhar, que esses lugares lhes serão retirados para dar a quem os quer lavrar", disse José Mário Vaz, num comício popular na localidade de Ingoré, no norte do país, junto à fronteira com o Senegal.

19 April 2017


ELENERAI, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Norah Chepkulul, a single mother of two young sons, stands outside her home, a grass thatched hut surrounded by cactus-like euphoria trees on the dusty Maasai Mara road in Kenya's Rift Valley.

She has just finished milking her four cows and has asked the boys to keep an eye on the goats corralled in the little compound.

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28 March 2017

Date: 28 mars 2017

Source: APA

Le président du Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, a déclaré que son Gouvernement veut distribuer quelque cinq millions de titres fonciers, connus à travers le pays comme des ‘Duireito de Uso e Aproveitament de Terra’ (DUAT), aux paysans.

Depuis le lancement du projet il y a un an, 540.000 DUAT ont été distribués par le ministère de la Terre, de l’Environnement et du Développement rural.

Foto: Mário Cruz/Lusa
22 March 2017

O Governo aprovou em Conselho de Ministros extraordinário, realizado no Palácio de Monserrate, em Sintra, no Dia Internacional da Floresta, um conjunto de medidas de reforma florestal para responder aos grandes desafios que se colocam em Portugal neste setor.

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June 2008

Article 1 - Objectives:

"This Decree is issued for the purpose of implementing the Land Law relating to the management, protection, use and development of land in an efficient, peaceful, and fair manner as well as ensuring the compliance with the set-targets and the uniformity of practice throughout the country."