prescription is the acquisition or extinction of rights by lapse of time.


This Act concerns limitations applying to legal action such as actions of contract and tort; actions to recover land, registered title and rent; actions to recover money secured by a mortgage or charge or to recover proceeds of the sale of land; actions in respect of trust property or movable property of deceased person; and actions against the government and public authorities, etc. The Act also concerns the application of limitation law to arbitration, the acquisition of easements and registration of title to land or easement acquired under Act.


This Act concerns the validity of claims of prescription which may be lawfully made at common law or by custom to any way or other easement or to any watercourse or to the use of any water, to be enjoyed or derived upon, over or from any land or water. The Act, among other things, sets out criteria for the computation of the period after which a claim shall be held valid.


The Act makes provision for prescription in respect of claims relative to water or land pursuant to common law by custom, prescription or grant.

April 2003
United Kingdom

These Regulations prescribe classes of uses and operations which are to be "county matters" for the purposes of paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


This Act prescribes that title to land may be acquired by sole and undisturbed possession, user or enjoyment for thirty years. Provided that in the case of State land or Government land such title may be acquired by sole and undisturbed possession, user or enjoyment for not less than twelve years (sect. 3). It further contains, inter alia, declaration of title, limitation of actions, accrual of right of action.


The Act prescribes that rights over land and water which have been actually enjoyed for a period for not less than 20 years without interruption and which can be lawfully claimed under common law, will be, subject to conditions as established by this Act, be deemed to be "absolute and indefeasible".