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Open access is a tenure where there is no control on access to resources: specific rights are not assigned to anyone and no-one can be excluded.

Enhancing Open Access to Knowledge, Information & Data in the Mekong: Open Data Festival and Regional Capacity-building Workshop

26 February 2017 to 28 February 2017


Best Western Green Hill Yangon

Over the last 30 years, the nation states in the Mekong region have taken steps to reform their land policy to facilitate the efforts to end poverty, create wealth and grow their economies. To do this most effectively in this modern age requires the leveraging of technical innovations and data.

Would you like to join efforts with the Land Portal in building an information and data ecosystem on land governance?

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Second call for expressions of interest: national or regional information and data partnerships on land

Gostaria de unir esforços com o Land Portal na construção de um ecossistema de informação e dados sobre a governança da terra?

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Segundo convite à manifestação de interesse:

Parceria para a provedoria de informação ou dados nacionais ou regionais sobre terra

¿Te gustaría aunar esfuerzos con Land Portal para crear un ecosistema de información y datos sobre la gobernanza de la tierra?

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Segunda convocatoria de manifestación de interés: alianzas nacionales o regionales para compartir datos sobre la tierra

Deuxième appel à manifestation d'intérêt: devenez des relais nationaux ou régionaux des données Linked sur le foncier

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La Fondation du portail foncier  désirerait s’assurer la collaboration de partenaires nationaux ou régionaux qui acceptent de servir de relais pour la transmission d’informations concernant le développement, en fonction de leur destination géographique ou thématique.

La fondation souhaiterait  tout spécialement  être en relation avec des pourvoyeurs chevronnés d’information ou des organisations qui s’occupent de questions foncières, désireuses d’augmenter le volume de leurs services d’information.

'Scotland must end absurdly outdated land ownership system'

By: Karin Goodwin
Date: August 14th 2016
Source: Herald Scotland

THE SCOTTISH Government must stop giving “carte blanche” to rich industrialists who are buying up vast swathes of Scotland’s countryside and instead bring about more radical land reform that benefits local communities, according to campaigners.

GODAN Action - Enabling practical engagement with open data in agriculture and nutrition

As the world’s population grows, global demand for food is predicted to nearly double.  The number of people at risk of hunger in the developing world is estimated to grow to more than a billion people by 2050. New data-driven solutions in agriculture and nutrition are increasingly being seen as a way to tackle this challenge.

Land tenure Security in selected countries: Synthesis Report

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 It is well recognized that secure land and property rights for all are essential to reducing poverty because they underpin economic development and social inclusion. Secure land tenure and property rights enable people in urban and rural areas to invest in improved homes and livelihoods. Although many countries have completely restructured their legal and regulatory framework related to land and they have tried to harmonize modern statutory law with customary ones, millions of people around the world still have insecure land tenure and property rights.

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February 2014

European Data Forum (EDF) 2016

29 June 2016 to 30 June 2016




The European Data Forum (EDF) is one of the key European events for industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, and members of community initiatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of data-driven innovation in Europe. The Forum will address all facets of data-driven innovation: infrastructure, tools, applications (including, new products and services reaching out to multilingual European audiences) as well as societal and economic impact.

Linked Open Data and Land Governance

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What is Linked Open Data?

Linked Open Data is a way of enriching, connecting, and linking data in structured, machine readable and standardized formats under open licenses. Linked Open Data enables the same content to be represented in multiple ways in different places simultaneously.

Advantages of Linked Open Data

Efficient use of resources
Linked Open Data reduces redundancy by building upon and the work of others rather than replicating existing systems.

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March 2016