Natural Resource Management

22 April 2017


Today, on Earth Day, we examine how climate-smart solutions hold the key to lifting people out of poverty.

We have been sharing the faces of the hunger crisis  in East Africa — bringing you the human stories that have sprung from devastating climate disasters in countries like Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

24 April 2017


These innovations did not exist in 2010 when heavy flooding devastated the area, destroying crops, ecosystems and more than 20,000 homes.

The town of El Torno, in Colombia's northern province of Sucre, was seriously affected by flooding, which destroyed crops and homes, but today the community of 600 residents is an example of resilience and sustainable adaptation to climate change.

Reports & Research
December 2012

The economies of many countries such as the Gulf and Southern African States are to a considerable extent sustained by financial flows from extraction of mineral resources and fossil fuels. The discovery of such fortunes, in sufficiently viable quantities, can be a significant national blessing for effectively addressing development challenges. However, experience in other countries has shown that financial resources obtainable from mineral and fossil fuel extraction – the Extractive Industry, have not always assisted economic and social development.

Reports & Research
October 2011

TNRF, UCRT and Maliasili Initiatives have published, From Promise to Performance?: Wildlife Mangement Areas in Northern Tanzania.  The summary provides an overview of findings of two studies recently carried out by TNRF on the current status and performance of three WMAs in northern Tanzania, in Arusha and Manyara regions 

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Conference Papers & Reports
March 2017

Land is one of the terrains of struggle for most rural women in Africa because of its importance in sustaining rural livelihoods, and social-cultural and geopolitical factors that hinder women from enjoying land rights. Even when there are progressive land laws, as it is for Tanzania, women have not really enjoyed their rights. However, this has not stopped women to keep fighting for their land rights.  They have sought their own approaches by leveraging opportunities within traditional, religious, and formal systems standing for their rights. 

13 April 2017


Over the past several years, the people of Jemna, a region in southern Tunisia famous for its excellent quality dates called Deglet Nour (the dates of light), have been engaged in an important and inspiring struggle around land rights.

18 April 2017

A Imprensa Internacional espalhou pelo mundo, que a primeira acção de cooperação da China em São Tomé e Príncipe a nível da agricultura, é marcada pela introdução do milho transgénico no arquipélago.

Elsa Garrido, cidadã são-tomense radicada no estrangeiro, escreveu uma carta aberta ao Governo, exigindo o fim de tal processo, que pode por em causa todo o ecossistema nacional, sem falar das complicações para a saúde pública.

A cidadã são-tomense, já pôs em marcha um movimento da sociedade civil, para impedir a cultura transgénica em São Tomé e Príncipe.

10 April 2017

O Ministro de Estado, Coordenador dos Assuntos Económicos e Ministro da Agricultura e Pescas, Estanislau Aleixo da Silva, deslocou-se ao Município de Liquiçá, no passado dia 5 de abril, para uma série de atividades.